August Football including the 139th FA Cup Final, Europe and more

Think will win:

  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea

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Want to win:

  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Indifferent

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I hope Anthony Taylor has a lovely game

David Luiz to score a blinder in the 15th minute

1 - 0 win for Chelsea


Can you add in an option for ‘would rather shit in my hands and clap than choose between them’


Maybe also add ‘would rather shit in my hands and clap THEN choose between them’ for a bit of balance?

Anthony Taylor is the first to ref more than one FA Cup final since 1901.

Chelsea winning literally anything doesn’t count or matter. Another rollover FA Cup year is preferable to Arsenal winning it.


Come on mate, no need to be like that.

Arsenal winning would be good for banter reasons

Gonna miss the cup final for only the 2nd time since I was a lad

Don’t care

In what way?

I just want football to be the winner.

man city will actually win it somehow

Remember when Klopp defecated all over the greatest domestic cup competition in football?

hate to say it but that new millwall kit’s an instant classic


That’s sexy and like the idea of running around with HUSKI written on your chest


Legoman Pep v Tory Sherwood doesn’t really do anything for me, but I can see how it might be quite a big deal for both.

Arteta has shown a bit more tactical flexibility I’d say, and it would probably mean a bit more to their fans, so a slight preference for Arsenal perhaps.

Can only see it being a dire, tempo-less game won by an absolute wasteman.

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Has Lampard got all aggy in the past or was that Klopp time the first time he’s done it?

Arsenal winning a trophy and qualifying for Europe is what 2020 deserves

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