Let the anti bants begin.


Worst transfer window on record. Can’t wait to eat some Premier League football pie!

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I’m off to watch Fulham lose away at Barnsley on Saturday, for just 28 pounds. What a time to be alive!

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Massive longshot but are there any good pubs in Barnsley, away fan pubs if possible

We start with Crewe away then home to your other lads @Aggpass. Can’t fucking wait tbh, most excited I’ve been about a new season in years.

Finished our preseason with a draw against Dover athletic and have the worst pair of kits I’ve ever seen :grimacing:

It’s astonishing how much better my mental health is when I have football to look forward to despite the fact that it’s also the largest source of misery and frustration in my life.


The day mitro signed a new 5 year deal was probably the happiest day of my summer (he really ought to absolutely bully the championship)


You’ll beat us 3-1 then.

@colossalhorse might be your lad for this question, I think he’s Of Barnsley.

I am indeed (well remembered!) but I haven’t lived there in a good decade and I haven’t been to a match at Oakwell for longer that than so I’ve no idea which pubs are away pubs anymore I’m afraid. I can tell you that the Old Number 7 is your best bet for a wanker ale and to stay the hell away from Wellington Street (at any time) but apart from that I’m no help.

I’ll ask my old man, see if he knows.


The Eredivisie kicks off tomorrow night with PEC Zwolle vs Willem II. Ajax play on Saturday evening, away at Vitesse. Sunday sees a Rotterdam derby as Feyenoord entertain the newly promoted Sparta.

Ta. Will check out the old number 7 unless papa horse says otherwise

we have Birmingham first up on Saturday, slightly less fun now that Jota ditched them for Villa as they only have two of our former players to boo now, but reckon Harlee Dean will get enough booing to make up for it.

interested to see how we line up with Maupay on the way out, reckon we’ll go with Marcondes up front who is not a striker, so that might not work too well? weird how last season we were good going forward but shite at the back, and now on paper at least we have a decent defence but look weak up front. Brentford :man_shrugging:

Predictions thread anyone? Championship starts tomorrow

some of the friday night championship games last season were absolute crackers

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Set it up and I will predict away, tempted to tempt fate and say Fulham will be top 4

I can’t wait for the transfer window to SLAM SHUT, so this Zaha nonsense is over for a few more months.

We will massively struggle this year even with Zaha. Good chance we’ll be relegated without him.

Leeds, Fulham, WBA, Bristol (in no particular order)