it’s over

lifeline for Bolton

I never thought I’d be in fucking floods of tears over BURY but this is just so awful and outrageous

this article was what ruined me. her experience of supporting her local club is just SO familiar and the mere thought of Tonbridge not existing is completely hollowing me out. I can’t even imagine how devastated and heartbroken and lost Bury’s fans must feel right now. what a fucking horrendous situation


Trying to get my head around a David Conn article which as usual is as helpful and concise as it can be, but is still utterly impenetrable and all you come away from it with is a sense of total despair.

@AQOS potw

I know I’ve mentioned the fact that it nearly happened to Argyle a fair bit recently but I think that’s informed just how fucking angry this has made me. Steve Dale has had 43 businesses liquidated, Stewart Day was mortgaged and remortgaged and in debt up to his eyeballs. Fuck them both for thinking that qualified them to take Bury on. But mostly fuck the EFL, and in particular Shaun Harvey, who sat around earning his 450k a year and watched as this absolute fucking swindler bought a business, a community hub, and a historic football club he had no fucking intention of running legitimately, and with no regard for it’s employees or their families. I’ve probably had a couple too many and I’m all ranty but I know just how close I came to feeling what all those fans etc are feeling right now and it breaks my fucking heart. Absolutely fuck these weasley, greasy, villainous little fucking penny pinching conmen, fuck them right up into the fucking sun.


Hopefully he’s not third wheeling with Tommy Sheridan :confused:

We’ve actually picked up points away from home, so he’s already better.

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Yip, the EFL have a lot to answer for.
I’ve heard numerous people say that the Bury and Bolton situations are a wake up call, but this has happenrd, or been close to happening, to about 6 other clubs before.


Now it gets interesting. What happens to Gigg Lane it is now just empty? Wonder how money Dale is about to make out of this (£1.50). Finally is this going to give the EFL and the FA the boot up the arse to get their affairs in order (probably not but, it would be nice though).

This does now set out a precedent of what will happen to clubs and the fans are powerless to stop it.

Always used to find football clubs going bust a bit like music venues closing; lots going on about it, but rarely actually happens. So this is dreadful news to wake up to.

It’s outrageous about Bury. The EFL should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Steve Dale to pass the fit and proper persons test. What does that test even involve?

In a summer where premier League clubs were spending stupid money and Harry Maguire was worth £80 million, a club like Bury went out of business for a few weeks wages of a Premier league footballer.

Apart from Palace games I pay very little attention to other premier League games and don’t have sky. I’ve grown disillusioned over a few years. I reckon this’ll be my last season and I’ll start taking in even more non league games.

Yeah, I’ve become disillusioned too. Gave up my Sky Sports contract a few years ago.
I just can’t relate to any of these big teams anymore. The fans mean nothing. If they played to empty stadiums it wouldn’t make much difference to the club’s revenue.

Was reading up on the Bury situation more last night. Didn’t realise they’d gone into admin about two decades ago and there were massive warning signs five years ago.

It’s hard to know what the EFL is supposed to do, or the EPL if it happens there if you’re essentially betting against promotion or future successes in a way that could lead you in massive problems it you don’t achieve that success.

(The second chapter is more of a general point rather than saying what has happened with Bury)

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The hope is that the council will protect it as a community asset so that it can’t be sold off for housing or whatever. Who knows if that will happen (though I read about precedent somewhere, fucked if I can remember who it was though)

The trouble is that the EFL never bothered to check on evidence of funding from Steve Dale, so he should never have been allowed near the club in the first place. Doesn’t solve the problem, but at least could have paved the way for someone more sensible to come in.

I thought it already was protected then one of my mates who now lives in Bury said last night it might not be.

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Although the fit and proper person test is bollocks, most of these clubs would be out of business. Vultures don’t get control of solvent, well run clubs, they are the last resort. Bottom line is that the whole structure of the game is fucked, with a lot of clubs commercially and economically unviable. It make more sense for lower league clubs to be amateur rather than subsist on money they haven’t earned.