Cardiff are going to win in the championship

Getting slashed

Another one of those famous… early Wednesday afternoons in Guimarães


Being escorted away from tourist attractions by police for being dressed as a Roman Centurion.

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Sky sports chose this photo of Oliver Kahn to announce he’s the new chief exec of Bayern or whatever he is


Can’t see him or read his name without thinking of the charity penalties story


They are the quarr… No! No! Not him again!

Had a ticket for Killie v Connah’s Quay as I wanted to cover it for my book but couldn’t afford to get up there as I spent too much on Maidenhead v Kuwait two days earlier.

Maybe it’s just as well as some well 'ard Ayrshire bruiser could have given me a 40 miles-south-of-Glasgow-kiss for laughing too hard at them.

Played for England! (one cap wonder I think, from Sven, naturally)

actually watching Clwb - Grade Listed FC i’m that bored.

Good game for the neutrals so far?


Our game away at Slovakian Scaffolders Association FC will be behind closed doors because they’re a big bunch of racists (I assume)

Maybe they think they’re playing actual wolves and have closed the stadium as a precaution

off to scrap some hammers today to get in the mood for new japan pro wrestling show, come at me @hip_young_gunslinger etc

It’s Saturday! Football is here!

Nacho Monorail leaving and no one cares. Potsachino still being regarded as the greatest manager ever for some reason.

In actual football at lunchtime United get trounced by Liverpool Feeder Club, City put 15 past Brighton, 14 of which are stolen by the VAR monster, Real Liverpool get Dyched and my accumulator finally comes in. What a day

FYI I made a September football thread. No point in dividing the weekend over two separate threads, so think we should just migrate over there?

Can tell Ronaldo’s PR people are trying to improve his image recently aren’t they. Seems to be popping up in interviews, sat next to Messi etc as though he’s actually not a complete cunt

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