Can’t believe Villa are still buying players. Existing squad wasn’t that bad surely?

25 hours until I’m HOME and gearing up for our first CONFERENCE SOUTH game since 2014 :heart_eyes:

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Think they’ve done well to hold onto the players that made their run to the FA cup final possible, like Trent Burke, Kiko Crianza and Sergei Wazzock-Plank.


is there a fantasy league I can ice you all in again??


Pedro scored a good goal yesterday:


Entry code in the title

Can’t believe we’ve almost made it lads. Long old summer this year innit.

Where is the predos thread?

thankyou thankyou :slight_smile:


If the transfer window was to SLAM shut right now, I would be:

  • Delighted with my club’s business
  • Satisfied with my club’s business
  • Disappointed with my club’s business
  • FML

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satisfied weve not lost a few key players.
disappointed not to have 1-2 more players

Wouldn’t be that fussed by the lack of incomings. Would be royally pissed off that we haven’t shifted any of the deadwood though



I’ve got used to playing without a RW, but we’re really crying out for a CB and CM. Seems barmy to me we’ve lost two CMs, Matic is clearly well past his best, and yet we’ve not really even been linked to any midfielders other than Fernandes (this summer’s traditional completely fabricated transfer saga with a Portuguese player).

If we fail to address either of those positions it would be a very dodgy window.


Sanchez is immovable; Rojo and Darmian worth nothing so who really cares if they run out their contracts; in lieu of anyone else arriving, better that Lukaku stays. Meh, either way.

reckon we’ve made good signings so far, only thing left is to see how we replace the players still yet to leave - so if the window closed now and we kept everyone that’d be ace :+1:

just hoping that if Maupay, Benrahma, Watkins etc. are going to go, we get it done sooner rather than later so we have time to get replacements in. think we definitely need another striker at least if they all went.

Longstaff innit.

Just seen a 50ft plasma get off a plane and hop on a Metrolink towards Old Trafford…


Sounds like another cugat special to me

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The main order of business was a long term replacement for Fernandinho, and that’s been sorted. Angelino is an interesting if faintly underwhelming option at left back, important now Delph has gone. Lost all faith in Manchester City ever employing a reliable left back again tbh.

We haven’t replaced Kompany and don’t seem to be aiming to, which is worrying given the highly variable reliability of our other centrebacks. It’d be nice if this was in aid of giving Eric Garcia a run at the first team, but I’m obviously not holding my breath on that. We’re still chasing after swapping Danilo for Cancelo, which would be a good lick o’ business but doesn’t seem a particularly important thing to do right now.

The fact Bravo is still our back-up goalie while Muric has been turfed out on loan is a minor annoyance. Turning a sudden profit on Douglas Luiz was nice. We cannot even find anyone to loan Quimmy Mangala out to, hilariously. Five year contract.

A couple of teenagers + the Ox and Jo Gomez back to fitness is hardly a thrilling transfer window but we have a pretty settled squad so not too worried

Still want Sané though