Aunt Bessie's trying to break into the ice cream game




Don’t like the concept of ‘a traditional twist’ at all


I’d eat all three of these, were it not for the catastrophic bum wee implications.


I don’t have a problem with the flavours but something about the Aunt Bessie brand puts the fear of god into me.


Serve a scoop in an Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire. Call it fusion.


Rhubarb ice cream, I like the sound of that immensely. She can do no wrong in my eyes forthwith.


Is it possible for a twist to be traditional?


Man I love yorkie puds. Look at these, OMG. :heart_eyes_cat:



Is that jam on them. Bitless strawberry jam? Bessie’s done it again!


That’d be delicious


Sorry Aunt Bessy, but they look fucking shit.


got no problem with this myself


Just seen the flavours. I don’t like meringue, custard OR rhubarb. Fuck off Bessie.


No, you’re right.


So disappointed this isn’t the case. I don’t even think it would be weird - it’d be just like a Cornetto. Might try it.



took me a while, but… :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Can’t imagine ever buying ready made yorkshire puddings or gravy. So much cheaper, better and just as easy to home make


omg you’ve just reminded me i’ve got some cornettos downstairs! :heart_eyes_cat:


We’ve got a regular Delia Smith here guys!