Aural hygiene

i think it gets worse as you age, mine constantly plug up, any time i go to get them cleaned the audiologist sounds mildly shocked. and he sees a lot of ears

haha, I know, See below- try a Kirby grip.

Still can’t believe she married the singer from Sum 41


Never had any of this. 50 years, man and boy

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Yeah, but only momentarily cus I’m a BADASS MOTHERFUCKER

Lots of great things about being a parent, but digging stuff out of their ears is right up there.

Got something out the other week that looked like a fivers worth of squidgy black.

This is astonishing


Very rarely go swimming and don’t put my head under the water cause I can’t really swim that well

I kind of hope that my boy gets a spotty back when he’s a teenager and asks me to squeeze them like my dear old ma did for me.

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what about washing your hair in the bath?

I got an ear infection on holiday from the swimming pool. Got some antibiotic drops for it - sorted it out super quick.

Yeah, the only time I got impacted wax in my 35 years was during my one year of not cleaning my ears.

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I hold my ears in when I dip my head under in the bath and then just shake my head about vigorously until it feels like all the suds are off my hair.

I have an extremely vivid recollection of my Mum extracting a blackhead from my Dads ear one morning.

I agree. I once (I do not endorse this of course) spotted a bit whilst she was asleep and I used tweezers to grab the end so I could get it out without squishing it and losing out on pure wax fullfilment. It was so so so AMAZING.

stuff like this makes me think how big the world is and how we’re all so different

How do you pronounce the words ears?

  • Welsh way (same as you pronounce years)
  • The official Conservative party way

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how else would you pronounce it?

Quite active in this thread aren’t I. Who knew I liked wax so much.

BUT ear wax is different depending on ethnicity too. Westerners’ wax is ‘wet’ and Asians (and native americans) have dry stuff that falls out much easier.

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