Aural hygiene

I read so many things saying not to clean your ears. So I tried it for a year. Didn’t notice any difference until I went to a noisy gig and I actually remembered my earplugs. Put them in and it must have pushed some wax into my ear really tightly and I was deaf in one year for 2 months. So that might be all well and good pre-earplug days but it wasn’t a good idea.

It’s just meant to fall out isn’t it, and I see this happen all the time when I look at Jnr’s ear and there’s a little delivery of wax about to fall out, but I don’t know if this happens less well as you age?

Anyway, I use the hippy cotton buds (the ones that aren’t made from plastic).

Ear candles are a sham - the ‘dirt’ they show shows up even if they’re not put in your ear.

No, I think you may not be understanding the pleasure you derive. You know when you scratch a dog and their back leg starts going? I imagine that is exactly what it feels like.

You can buy paper/card ones. Really don’t know why the majority are made from plastic. Stupid idea.


Perforated eardrum? Impacted wax causing deadness and a blockage?

I do accept it feels nice in a giddy way. (Kirby grips are best tool).

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^This :+1:

My cat got her ears cleaned by the vet with some cotton buds recently and I thought I was going to be sick, it was so revolting. The vet almost put the cotton bud all the way in her ear and pulled out a lot of black gunk. Boke.

I have a lovely little fingernail that I like to scrape around inside my ear

I get swimmers ear a lot these days. Anyone else get this and have advice on how to best deal with it?

  • I get / have had swimmer’s ear

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Find myself having to dry my inner ears with cotton buds a lot these days and if I don’t do it after swimming / diving then I get an infection every time.

i think it gets worse as you age, mine constantly plug up, any time i go to get them cleaned the audiologist sounds mildly shocked. and he sees a lot of ears

haha, I know, See below- try a Kirby grip.

Still can’t believe she married the singer from Sum 41


Never had any of this. 50 years, man and boy

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Yeah, but only momentarily cus I’m a BADASS MOTHERFUCKER

Lots of great things about being a parent, but digging stuff out of their ears is right up there.

Got something out the other week that looked like a fivers worth of squidgy black.

This is astonishing


Very rarely go swimming and don’t put my head under the water cause I can’t really swim that well

I kind of hope that my boy gets a spotty back when he’s a teenager and asks me to squeeze them like my dear old ma did for me.

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what about washing your hair in the bath?

I got an ear infection on holiday from the swimming pool. Got some antibiotic drops for it - sorted it out super quick.

Yeah, the only time I got impacted wax in my 35 years was during my one year of not cleaning my ears.

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I hold my ears in when I dip my head under in the bath and then just shake my head about vigorously until it feels like all the suds are off my hair.