Aural hygiene

I have an extremely vivid recollection of my Mum extracting a blackhead from my Dads ear one morning.

I agree. I once (I do not endorse this of course) spotted a bit whilst she was asleep and I used tweezers to grab the end so I could get it out without squishing it and losing out on pure wax fullfilment. It was so so so AMAZING.

stuff like this makes me think how big the world is and how we’re all so different

How do you pronounce the words ears?

  • Welsh way (same as you pronounce years)
  • The official Conservative party way

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how else would you pronounce it?

Quite active in this thread aren’t I. Who knew I liked wax so much.

BUT ear wax is different depending on ethnicity too. Westerners’ wax is ‘wet’ and Asians (and native americans) have dry stuff that falls out much easier.

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Welsh would be eeee- ahs

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What do you do?

full dunk, no blocking of ears. for a long period of time, esp to get all the suds out. run hands through scalp to get suds off

Always wondered about this when you read about people having lumps of wax falling out of their ears. Makes sense now

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there are ways of cleaning your ears that don’t involve cotton buds, i’ve heard enough horror stories to steer well away from anything like that. a perforated eardrum in particular sounds pretty horrible. people don’t realise how delicate the eardrum is, it’s like paper. olive oil can be hit and miss if you have a real blockage but if you use it regularly enough (ie, as a preventative before you actually have a problem) then it should keep things moving (out)

Correct way

English people put a massive EEEE on the front, or pretend like they’re in Jane Eyre

There was a horrible bit in Girls where she popped her eardrum with a cotton bud and it makes me feel funny thinking of it.

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My son is a mix, but the western ‘wet wax’ gene must be dominant judging by what I usually extract.

quickly changed my choice. don’t pronounce it ‘yaaar’ like a yokel/pirate, obviously.

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2 syllables


also, tuth?!

i’ve got a few welsh mates and never heard them pronounce it like that.

Birmingham pronunciation