Aus Meat 2: UnluckyBoogaloo


Does that even work?

Anyway just had a pleasant lunch with @Unlucky who’s holidaying over here.

Another one for @bamnan to draw


Very nice to meet you. Shame it was so briefly.


My phone’s autocorrection of @Bamnan was interesting there!


Bananaham13 :smiley:

That’s his superhero alt account



Sweet or savoury?


Bananaham do do do doo do
Bananaham do do do do




how long are you away for @Unlucky ?


Who says I’m coming back? Sunday, jetlagged as fuck at work on Monday




Rookie error: you come back Monday morning at 5am then home, shower, straight to work and by the time you get home you are ready to eat and crash and reset your cycle*

*this is now the cycling thread, etc