🦗 Aus vs Eng, 2nd Ashes test, Adelaide 🦗


Seems like a very long time ago that James Vince was our best Number 3 ever doesn’t it.

I refuse to be optimistic but it’s always good to see Smith go.

Glimmer of hope - it looks like we just might have cracked how to get him out.

(He’ll get a triple hundred in the next test now)

Might as well enjoy ourselves before it all comes crashing down - possible win scenarios?

Turn over the rest of the aussies in a little over the first session tomorrow, give them a lead of 320, England see off the new ball before the light/conditions change too much, but only getting 30 or so, lose one of the openers and vince before the end of the day, call it 100-1. 5th day - surviving opener converts his ton, Root goes for a crucial 60, nice partnership between Moeen and YJB, one of those two goes on with the tail to grind out a nervy 2 wicket win.

Or it just rains and England bat poorly but somehow hang on a la Cardiff.

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fair dues to Jimmy Anderson, that was a masterful session of bowling

I still it’s Australia win, or a draw at worst

Australia scrape another 100 runs and i think (hope) that will be enough to be out of reach of your bats in the current form. I’m hoping Australia gets to return the favour with a bit of night bowling tonight!

Another ten runs should be more than sufficient tbh


I think enforcing the follow on would’ve done the trick tbhtbf.

Would be v humorous if they declared their 2nd innings after 25 runs though.

I’ve watched every Ashes series for about the last 25 years, this is the first time I haven’t been able to watch it live and I feel so detached from it. Finding it so hard to work up any enthusiasm. Doesn’t help that we have a team that I will charitable call In Flux, with our best player arsing about in NZ schools cricket or something while he waits to go to prison. Also we are losing.


And then lost by 8 wickets

I was hoping the follow on was going to be an option, but fair dig to Overton and Woakes

sorry just realised it was available, I missed that!

Glory days


There’s always something to cling to

Would be good if it could come before England are 3-0 down


Two early wickets. It’s the hope that kills you. Even at 81/6 Aussies have got enough runs to win this. Sorry England.

Wakes up
Hmm, wonder how the first session is going.
Rubs eyes in disbelief

That said, England will probably be 4 down by the time I get to work in an hour…

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It’s been a good couple of mornings to be waking up early cos of jet lag! Great to see Anderson getting wickets in Australia and Woakes getting amongst them, can’t believe they let them get 440 in the first innings though.

I’d say we’ve got a 10-15% chance here. The pitch looks great, if a couple of guys in the top order can get in and get 70-80 each that target won’t look bad at all. Really comes down to how we play Lyon though. Stoneman looks in top nick atm


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what will England make?

  • 50-99
  • 100-149
  • 150-199
  • 200-249
  • 250-299
  • 300-349
  • 350+

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