Austin Powers, 20 Years On

Mildly diverting oral history here:

It was a funny film, wasn’t it? Haven’t watched it in years, never seems to be on TV, but would like to rewatch.

Hasn’t aged well IMO, especially the sequels

I imagine the Mini-Me / Fat Bastard stuff looks pretty weak now.


I’ve watched it more recently with my kids

They found it very funny - always a reliable yardstick for how well things stand up

Think the joke wore thin due to all the bad impressions of the catch phrases.

Yeah, it’s really bad. The general standard of gag is pretty weak as well tbh.

The first one is still very funny I think, the second is decent (aside from Fat Bastard who is dreadful) and the third one is pretty poor after the very funny opening scene.


From everything I’ve heard Mike Myers seems like an absolute nightmare to work with

never seen any of them!!!

It’s no Wayne’s World but there are some great scenes. Love this one:


this is my favourite bit, thank you for asking


The third one has that sequence where Austin and Mini-Me have to infiltrate a building, and they do the old “sit on shoulders with a long coat” trick, only with Austin sitting on Mini-Me’s shoulders. That bit’s quite funny.

Also…wasn’t Beyonce in it?

I’ve got fond memories of it, so I don’t want to do a rewatch because it seems like it’ll have aged poorly.

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did at the time. Particularly Fat Bastard.

The first one is brilliant, as above the henchmen scene is just perfect


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Fond memories of going to see this with my sister one Summer. Was probably too young to get most of the jokes but I’ll be damned if I’m watching them again.

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Still a big fan of the first and second ones (apart from the Fat Bastard bits). The third one, not so much.

They’re packed with more throwaway gags in five minutes than most comedies manage in an hour.


“John Smith won’t be coming”


to smitty!


Shit, forgot that Rob Lowe had a cameo!