Austin Powers, 20 Years On

That soundtrack was brilliant! R.E.M.! The Flaming Lips! Lenny Kravitz???

Beyonce was pretty good in the third one wasn’t she? Wonder what happened to her.


Yep, Lenny Kravitz did a weird robot funk version of American Woman, and it really wasn’t bad.

Also, hearing The Who’s My Generation on that soundtrack was the first time I’d heard it in full. I remember thinking, “is it supposed to end like that?”

The folly of youth.

I had no idea

Fucking hell!

It wasn’t too bad a version, I will concede that.

It was my first exposure to Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach which was pretty cool. Still absolutely love ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’.

I have really fond memories of playing loads of Sega Megadrive games with a burned CD of the soundtrack on in the background. Still love the whole thing.

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I thought it was bad a the time couldn’t stand it, then watched it more recently and found it funny the jokes are meant to be silly its like a parody is it not?

Gene Wilder Sarcastic Meme: Oh, what is then?

Take your pick

I’m sorry, my preferred Madonna song doesn’t appear to feature on that particular collection. Maybe it’s on the bonus disc of the deluxe edition?

That’s fine. You asked which our preferred Madge song was.

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It’s Get Into the Groove, or Frozen

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Frozen, I’ll give you that one. Yes.

loved these at the time, haven’t seen any of them in well over a decade, not convinced i would still enjoy it but would like to be wrong

i drank every night for about two week then since sunday i’ve not had any booze

expected it to make me feel healthy but i still quite shitty

leading to me now thinking about some booze

gonna drink plenty tomorrow tho so maybe another day off would be good…



one of those scenes that are total joy:

Remembered this just now :smiley:

never seen it

Never really got on board with anything Mike Myers did, but I absolutely loved So I Married An Axe Murderer