It might be a bit late to be asking for recommendations, but I’m off to Australia tomorrow so I thought I’d ask if there were any things that we ought to be getting up to. We’ve got friends in the main cities we’ll be visiting and I’m sure that they’ll come up with things, but it would be good to have a few different ideas from like minded people. We’re visiting:

  • Melbourne
  • Great Ocean Road (Apollo Bay)
  • Adelaide
  • Byron Bay
  • Brisbane
  • Sydney

My barber is from Melbourne so he gave me a lot of recommendations yesterday. I know Theo is Melbourne based, but I don’t think we’ve ever responded to each other’s posts, so it would be a bit weird to try and arrange a Meat when I haven’t even managed to meet up with some of the DiSsers who live less than half a mile away.

Also, if anyone has any tips relating to toddlers and long distance flights they would be gratefully received too. We’ve got one of those inflatable things that you put in the footwell so that they can sleep in the seat, and an iPad full of films and cartoons, but I was thinking of taking advantage of the drinks on flight to stop me being too concerned about it.


get a shrimp on!


International meat though

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All the best Oz based DiSers seem to be from Perth, so I’d recommend visiting there. It’s only [checks map] 3,000km drive from the closest place on your current itinerary :+1:

Seriously though, how long are you going for? And are you breaking the flights up in either direction?

Most challenging thing will probably be getting your boy onto (and then off again) Oz time - my advice is just try and bite the bullet and go hardcore on bed times the first couple of days. In terms of what to do on the flight - bit of a long shot, but last time we flew long haul (Vancouver Island) I asked them on check-in if there were any empty seats on the flight and if so could they put us next to them. They did (in both directions!) which not only meant more space for all of our crap, but also that Offsrping I could lie across two seats like a bed to sleep. Don’t ask, don’t get :slight_smile:

We’re off to NZ in April (Wellington, so even more inconvenient to get to than Auckland) so please report back on any learnings :+1:

Stopover in Singapore, but just for an hour or two. We’re going to check in early so we’ll be asking what they can do about our seats, rather than checking in late and leaving it to chance. The flight isn’t until just after 10pm which is obviously WAY past bedtime, so that could be, erm, interesting. I’m hoping that he’s at a really flexible age and will change to the new time easily. He’s only just out of naps and still has the occasional nap, so maybe we can let that happen to get him into the different time zone.

Is there anything in particular that you are interested in? The great outdoors, gigs, sightseeing? Food?

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A bit of everything - making sure we get a proper flavour of where we’re off to without having too much of a UK-centric view of what we should be doing. Nothing toddler unfriendly, which basically means no long walks and nothing too boozy (although child friendly pub recommendations would be good)

Can highly recommend Wilsons Prom, outside of Melbourne. Basically Australian safari.

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Hit me up man. Unless you’re there between April 20-28, in which case I won’t be. But happy to offer some recommendations either way. [This is now the Wellington thread, sorry @rob.orch].


We almost did NZ too - my other half has “relllies” (see, I can speak the language already) in Invercargill. But time was too tight and costs were too high.

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Thanks m9 :+1:

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Jeff Rosenstock is touring next week.

Byron Bay is quite busy a lot of the time and particularly in the summer, if you find you don’t enjoy that so much then places nearby like Broken Head and Brunswick Heads can be nice to go walking around and looking at the ocean and feel a bit more like Byron used to.

Try and arrive at the twelve apostles on the Great Ocean Road for sunset if that is in any way possible (might not be with a toddler)

In Brisbane you should definitely go for a ride on the CityCat (ferry up the river) because every English person to ever comes here loves it. The botanical gardens at Mt Cootha are pretty nice if you’ve not burnt out on those in Melbourne and Sydney. South Bank has some nice tourist walking and looking at stuff, remnants of the 88 expo and a big wheel and a huge outdoor pool type affair that kids love. West End is a good area for cafes and restaurants and a bit more casual than other central areas. Probably try to avoid the CBD (as everyone calls the city centre) as it’s a bit small and not full of good things. I can definitely recommend bars and restaurants but depends what sort of thing you are into and what sort of area you are staying in? Will you have a car of your own at any times or will you be flying between places and staying with friends?

Probably worth trying to decide where you want to hold a koala and feed kangaroos and stuff early on too so you don’t miss out but also so you don’t have to do it six different times. Australia Zoo is a pretty good day out if you’ve not done it by the time you arrive in Brisbane, a good hour or so drive though.

You’ve unfortunately missed all the shit sport seasons but can watch some poor quality Australian soccer or Australia being wonderfully poor at cricket at some point if you like.


Just opened this thread to give a Brissie update, and found that you’d already made a better one


I was too drunk for most of the time I lived in Australia to have any toddler-friendly tips for you but I’ve done many long journeys with mine and basically you need as many snacks as possible. Keep them seated near the window so they don’t want to be up in the aisle the whole time although when I went to Japan she just stood between my legs for about 10 hours of it. They quickly adjust to realising ‘this is my life now, sat on a plane, forever’ so it’s not as bad as you think. Don’t pin your hopes on naps or sleep happening when it normally would or for as long - I’ve been most chilled when I’ve decided to take the nap as a bonus.

Last long journey we did was only 8 hours and most of that she was occupied by putting a tiny blanket on her teddy and didn’t really care about watching things on ipad. However, if they like Room on the Broom that is a very good app/game to download imo.

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I was thinking I’d probably missed plenty because it’s late So I’m glad you approve! I’m sure I can add some further detail if needed over the next few days too

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The boy has eagle eyes. We went to visit the in laws and there was a book shop literally at the other end of the road, and he started shouting “Room on the Broom!” - it turned out that there was a picture from the book in the window of this shop. I’ll check out the app.

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Yes, it’s about £2 but has 8 sections on, and looks really nice. It’s mostly just looking for the hat/wand etc and some flying around on the broom to find different letter.

If I remember any other travelling tips tonight I’ll send them over. Largely I’d advise you simply ignore everyone else on the flight as there’s always going to be someone tutting or sighing or if you’re lucky enough as I was last year you might have someone with no kids loudly tell you: “whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong” whilst your kid cries about wearing a seatbelt for take off.

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I think we will have a car in Brisbane, even though we’re staying with friends. We’re doing a hire from Melbourne to Adelaide, then getting into Brisbane Airport, hiring then and driving to Byron Bay, using it in Brisbane and as our transport back to Brisbane airport when we leave too. We’re staying in Holland Park West in Brisbane.

There’s a great fish market in Apollo bay - get yourself accomodation with a BBQ and cook out every night. Fond memories.

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Also, there’s a bar in Brisbane’s West End called archive. Great selection of beers from everywhere in the world and often has live music. Probably my favourite bar in the city.

Ahmed’s is great for Turkish food. Public for experimental modern stuff. Burger Urge do better burgers than the crap ‘healthy burger’ places that seem to be everywhere.

Majos in New Farm does the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. If I was millionaire and carbon wasn’t a thing I would seriously consider having them delivered to the UK.

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