He’s flown a few times before and he’s properly into airports, so I don’t think there’ll be too much upset with the seat belts. Someone’s BOUND to get upset on such a long flight. I think the biggest thing might be managing toilet stops with him :confused:





Yeah. That’s why I’ve been putting off potty training as I can barely be bothered to take myself to the toilet when I’m travelling

Do you have a MyCarry potty? Argos have them same day delivery if not. They’re pricey but seal up completely and have a handle so it could be his hand luggage and help you out in a fix especially if you’re going to be travelling around when you’re out there too.


Is that one of the fold up ones that also goes over toilet seats?

I guess my thoughts are that at home / nursery, he can go when he likes, but on a plane the toilet might be engaged.


It doesn’t go over toilet seat. Just pure potty action. M loves carrying hers ecen if she doesnt use it yet and they seem to be pretty well liked by a lot of kids I know.


Probably couldn’t cope with the loss of revenue when I left the city. I put their kids through uni.


Any of the beer wankers want to talk to me about Aussie beer?

I’m hoping I can do better than Fosters or Castlemain XXXX


Excitingly those aren’t the only shit lagers, they seem to have one for each state so not only can you have a nice XXXX in Queensland (can get a brewery tour in Brisbane if you want!) but you can also have a lovely VB in Melbourne, and try Carlton Mid, Crown, Tooheys New, Pure Blonde and probably some other generic lagers I’m forgetting. They don’t sell Fosters anywhere that I’ve seen outside of a few bars in Sydney, it’s virtually exclusively an export here these days after them trying to get it popular in New South Wales for a while.

I can’t say I am an expert on the other beers but there are a fucking lot of microbrewerys and craft beer places throughout Australia now. In terms of in Brisbane you have Green Beacon Brewing, and the Newstead Brewing Company who both have bars close to each other in Newstead and you can buy their beers relatively regularly in smaller bars and restaurants around Brisbane. There are lots of other microbrewery type bars particularly in West End and actually a couple near to the XXXX brewery and Suncorp Stadium called Aether Brewing and then a bar called The Scratch. I cannot endorse Archive as the best bar in Brisbane but it’s alright for a big bar, they have a decent enough selection of beers but frankly so does everywhere else these days and aside from that it’s just quite a big generic bar with some pool tables nowadays. They just opened a big craft beer thing right under the Storey Bridge by the river in the centre of Brisbane called Felons Brewing Co. no idea if it’s actually good but might be a good spot to stop if you go for a walk along the river.
I’ll have to actually look where Holland Park West is to see if there’s any cool shit nearby, it’s on the south side of the river (as every area of Brisbane is defined by whether it’s north or south of the river) and that’s all I know.
If you do have a car you should consider driving down to Mount Tamborine or the Springbrook National Park to see some rainforesty stuff near to Brisbane and Lone Pine Koala sanctuary is a nice place to see and hold koalas if you/ your child want to do so




Melbourne - food
Lune croissantarie (croissant bakery which is great, look at their Instagram)
Tim ho wan for Asian stuff
Miznon for street food which is Israeli I’m pretty sure
Really good falafel (only if you happen to be near there though)
Chin chin is good but you just rock up and if it’s busy they give you a call an hour or so later
Hawkr, I haven’t been to but suggested to me
Wonder bao, same deal
That’s all I can think of at the moment

National gallery of Victoria is very good and has some good visiting exhibitions

I haven’t been to Sydney as much but ryo’s noodles has amazing ramen
Din tai dung which I haven’t been to but is rated highly, one might be in Melbourne as well

For Brisbane goma is a pretty art gallery

I would just try to follow a bunch of culture guides as when I was there last there just happened to be an art festival on and then a competing local art festival with different around the place. is pretty good