Australian bands sounding like early 90s British bands

Been a thing for a while hasn’t it?

Also Psychedelic Porn Crumpets singer sounds exactly like the Splashh singer and I’m confused

Australian bands are all The New Nirvana

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Fair dinkum.


Underground Lovers

Oops! They’re an Australian band that early 90s British bands sounded like.


The Galahs?

Have they released anything new lately? I think I only find out about new releases when you post about them.

Could really go some new Deafcult

I don’t think so. They mostly use Facebook to release news (fucking boomers!), so it’s easy for me to miss stuff, but I think they’ve mostly been restricted to some remasters of early albums (Get to Notice and Rushall Station) and some rarities/remixes comps.

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