Australian favourites

It’s not that great is it? But I think “Bradman” is magnificent. I don’t even follow cricket, but that song still gives me a lump in my throat.

Oh most definitely, yes.

For lack of anywhere better to put this… I’m drunk still, right and for some unknown reason but it’s probably Cheating Steve Smith’s fault, I’ve been doing a probably offensive but I’m in private so it’s ok, Australian accent for like half an hour or so, in bed with my wife. Just chatting and summoning the cat. Hey cat. You know, that sort of stuff. Anyway, so i just, after half an hour of this, turned to her and said, ‘aww’. Curious, she asked ‘what?’ and i responded, ‘look meight’. Been furiously creasing up since.

Id also like to apologise for being drunk, and say i have a lot of respect for our antipodean neighbours.

it’s gotta be Gang Of Youths and You Am I for me.


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awww, thanks meight. Think that was the most drunk I’ve been when i woke up in years.

No dramas!


This is for the great Brian Henry Hooper, who just passed on today - RIP

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Sad news. I think Beasts of Bourbon and the Scientists did a fundraiser for him just last week didn’t they?

sure did - it was pretty great too!

one schedule for tonight in Perth as well

check out Melbourne band CIVIC - for fans of Radio Birdman, Saints, MC5, Royal Headache, Tyrannamen

Temporarily confused this with Melbourne-sourced (but London/Barcelona-based) band Civil Civic

(paging @Gorkys_Forever)


yep, I did the same thing - CIVIC played a small gig here yesterday - I stupidly thought it was CIVIL CIVIC and went along

Totally different band - but well worth stumbling across them. Support was Tyrannamen so it was a great show!

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In the vanue on Saturday.

and what beers are they supposed to represent?? and which venue was this??

The Foundry in Bris for that Kid Congo gig. I don’t know what beers. I think they were off and so someone just stuck those on there? The bar was massively busy and Stone and Wood was off so I just grabbed some Schooners of Coopers Pale as quickly as I could rather than try to engage in a dialogue.

Right, I think it was some hip craft brew I hadn’t heard of - with Farnesy being the ‘blonde’!

I mean maybe it was. Definitely seemed the wrong place to be trying it out but it felt like a venue that probably did more than just loud gigs so maybe?