Australian favourites


no harm done - deserve its own thread!


It’s a royal shame. Glad I got to see them. If only once. Can’t see Shogun retiring that voice tho.


Always had time for aussie bands from Midnight Oil (Earth, sun and Moon and Diesel and Dust in particular), Go Betweens (my favourite - most of the back catalogue), Nick Cave/The Birthday Party, Smudge were great tunesmiths and Evan Dando borrowed from their canon. Off the top of my head in addition Clue to Kalo and Cut Copy had moments in the early 00s…right now Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever and Goon Sax (son of Robert Forster) seem to be representing the new breed well along with Courtney Barnett of course…Smith Street Band on the emo side…there are…erm… heaps I’m forgetting about too


Clowns have a London gig lined up at The Sebright Arms.

Loved their last album.


Magic Dirt - Sparrow

Great tune! Reminded how much I love this band today, in particular this album ‘Friends in Danger’


Good band. I prefer their more radio-friendly rock to their sonic youth inflected stuff. What rock stars are doing today is fantastic


I love that album - but I’m more into their noisy stuff


Debut EP was good too


Great video, if like me, you were a fan of Road Runner as a kid.


atmo/cosmic black metal with added synths


happy new Terry album day lads


the new album from New War is killer!


and check out Body Type as well (for fans of dream pop)