Australian Football 2020 - the shift-8 season

Round 2 in June! Hubs, empty stadia, 15 minute quarters. Grandfinal as a double header with the Boxing Day Test!

Main purpose of this thread is of course is to draw out @robluvsnic and find out how he is coping in a post-Lyon world. Is supporting the Dockers the 21st century equivalent of being a rusted-on Saint?

In checking to see if he already made a thread I see he gave up after a 10 post effort in 2017. Never mind, Theo lives in Melbourne now so he can join the discussion too. Yarraville is in the old Footscray recruiting zone so no doubt he’s surrounded by Bullflogs. Always a lot of drug-cheat supporters (Essendon) in that vicinity too.

But many moons ago @1101010 told me he was a Brisbane supporter, so I guess he can now take a walk with the hipsters on Brunswick Street and take in some of the cultural heartland of the Fitzroy part of their history. Not that they were too happy at the time of the merger:

(Seduced by North, raped by Brisbane, f***ed by the AFL). Unsurprisingly all of their banners needed sign-off by head office for the remaining three or four games of the 1996 season! But a fair few of them ended up switching their allegiances to Brisbane, largely because their greatest ever player Kevin Murray jumped on.
And interesting fact, I was watching Street Talk on the now cancelled Footy Show (if it hadn’t been cancelled in the ratings sense, it would have been cancelled in the 2020 sense) some time ago and Sam ran into a couple of Fremantle supporters somewhere in Melbourne. Turns out they were ex-Fitzroy supporters who decided they would change to Freo because that is who Fitzroy played their last ever game against. Rob no doubt remembers it, they gave them a walloping.
Anyway, definite * next to whoever wins this premiership this year, but I’ll take it for North. Any other footy supporters out there? One of you had a conversation with Rob in 2017!

Ha ha, I am not really a supporter of any team but my in laws are Lions supporters because I guess who else do you support of you live there and my daughter has inherited on of their many spare caps!

The only team I’ve seen live are the Bulldogs ladies team as they’re over at the Oval nearby and my daughter takes a passing interest.

Obviously I am up for any hate towards GWS or Collingwood too :grinning:

I sort of support Hawthorn cos I went to a few games when I lived in Melbourne when I first came to Australia but I found all the magic was gone after we won three years in a row. Turns out winning all the time is a bit shit and repetitive and I struggled to get back into it afterwards. Glad the English football Team I support (Grimsby Town) are shit and lose loads of the time. Much less stressful and more enjoyable. I live in Brisbane and despite the Lions being good now and the Broncos shit everyone I work with is obviously talking about the NRL return loads and the AFL barely at all.

What’s with the GWS hate? That’s normally reserved for supporters of the historic Victorian clubs who are opposed to “franchise” teams.
Bloody love the AFLW. Took my daughter to Tassie for North Melbourne’s first ever game in the AFLW last year. We were planning to go up to Brissy too for the AFLW/AFL men’s double header on 28 March until Covid squashed that plan.
So disappointing they cancelled the season with no result - North and Fremantle were almost unbackable favourites to play off in the grand final. Hopefully @robluvsnic has been following it too

JFC, that is the most un-Hawthorn like thing ever. Well renowned bangwaggoners. There used to be a joke that you could tell a Hawthorn supporter’s age by their English football team - those born before 1990 support Liverpool, those born later support Man U.
You sound like you were meant to be a St Kilda supporter. Or the Dogs, but they’ve broken their drought. Or Freo of course, yet to win a flag. You’re always welcome with the Kangas too, been over 20 years since we saw success.
Can’t really be doing with RL. Although my mum, who will watch absolutely any sport, happened to be in town last year on the weekend of their grand final so I watched it with her and it was actually a pretty good match. We were going for the Raiders, so disappointing result, but a high quality game that went down to the wire.

I thought GWS were sort of like MK Dons: a team built on money from rich wankers rather than grassroots? Everyone I know here just hates them. That Colingwood/GWS final match was like Man U vs Chelsea for Arsenal fans it seemed.

Well the rich wankers are the AFL itself, so yes the term still applies. Because of the equalization measures inbuilt to the AFL, a shitload of cash only gets you so far. But they did get loads of draft concessions and there’s a fair bit of resentment about that. Should be pointed out that Gold Coast got largely identical concessions and they’ve been shit for their entire history. GWS recruited smartly, gamed the system a little bit by keeping pre-draft picks the AFL expected them to trade, and as the concessions ran out they traded cannily to move up the draft.
But yeah since half of Melbourne goes for Collingwood, Richmond or Essendon, all old established clubs, there will be a fair bit of GWS hate.

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Charles! Welcome back.

It is with somewhat mixed feelings that I receive this thread. On the one hand, I’m delighted to have the chance to talk footy. On the other hand, I can see my productivity at work dropping to historic lows…

Either way, I am ecstatic that the season is finally about to (re)start. Was absolutely gutted for the women’s side. We were heading towards an absolute cracker of a GF. Undefeated, the Freo women had every right to feel sad and bitter at the way the season was cut short. (North too)

Looking forward to watching Freo men’s this season. I despaired at the way Lyon was axed (cannot abide seeing powers think via cliche and act on populism), but I move on. The truth is that I look forward to watching Freo every season, even at their lowest. Some incredibly promising youngsters soon to show their potential (Sam Sturt for Rising Star!). Fyfe to earn himself a third Brownlow. Alex Pearce to suffer the kind of industrial accident that creates superheroes, such that his calcium alchemizes into titanium and he never again misses a game on account of a broken leg. Toughest part of this season will be watching Harley Bennell rack up the votes in a come back season… for Melbourne!

Have no problem at all with GWS, though a bit miffed they didn’t send Coniglio our way after we so generously relieved them of the burden of fielding Wilson and Lobb each week.

So, how do you rate North’s chances? I’m not having any of that asterisk malarky. Rules, season length, number of interchanges, use of subs, no use of subs, finals series structure, length of quarters, when time is or isn’t called — something changes just about every year. There’s no such as a normal season; this season just happens to be a little bit more nonnormal than others.

Fuck me, can’t wait for Saturday morning. I’m so deprived I’m even feeling a bit excited to watch Victorian superpowers go at it on Thurs and Fri.

Yeah Freo-North would have been a cracker of a grandfinal. Fremantle undefeated in Conference B. North Melbourne, dropping the first game by a couple of points in a howling gale in fucking Cranbourne, then winning every other game with some of the most free-flowing attacking football in AFLW’s brief history, on top of Conference A with a percentage of 227. Freo no slouch in this regard either (In six home and away games North scored 309 points, Fremantle 277). Not having met each other in the home and away rounds, it was all set up for a blockbuster grandfinal. (Although to be fair North would have had to get past Carlton who were hitting a patch of form).

I think Coniglio is one of those blokes like Frankiln and O’Meara who has no interest in going back to WA to play? TBH I’d be happy to see Bennell finally crack the game open, would be a great story, I think he’s copped a lot of flack unfairly. Rarely happens though, odds are he’ll suffer more injuries, or never recapture that form we so briefly saw at Gold Coast and be delisted at the end of the year.
I’m assuming you’re tongue in cheek about Wilson and Lobb. I think Lobb’s been handy but not as good for you as he was at GWS, but Wilson is a gem, would love to have him on North’s half back line with Pittard and Marley Williams. Hmm, that might actually be one too many of those sort of players but I’d make it work by pushing out Jamie MacMillan or Luke McDonald.
Yeah, the asterisk is tongue in cheek - it’s reserved for Essendon 1993 and 2000 since they were breaching the salary cap from 1992-1999. Given Jack “Pig’s Arse” Elliot’s predilection for under the table payments you can probably attach it to Carlton’s 1995 premiership too.
I’m really unsure about North’s chances. We were quite shit in the first half against St Kilda, and then really good in the second half, Cunnington dominant. I firmly believe Tarryn Thomas will be the best player we’ve had since Carey. No mixed feelings about our coach sacking from me, I was a strong supporter of Brad Scott for a long time, but the time had definitely well and truly passed for him to be moved on. Should not have got the contract extension at the end of 2017 (?) in my view. So far have been very happy with Shaw. Although there would be North supporters from the 1970s rolling in their graves at the idea of a Shaw coaching North!
Tips for this week:
Brisbane (soz!)
West Coast
St Kilda
Heed them well, I took out the office tipping competition last year! (However had a poor start this year only got 4 in round 1).
Oh yeah, I didn’t watch the Dockers’ round 1 game but I was listening in the car and urging them on, sounded like a cracker.
Anyway, speaking of work productivity …

Here’s Tarry Thomas making the Bont look like a goose:

Terry Thomas, you say?

Wow, few things to say:

  1. Can only think of one footballer named Terry - Terry Wallace otherwise known as Terry Tan for his love of the solarium. There must be others
  2. “On his return home to Finchley in 1927, his more mature manner impressed the family’s housekeeper Kate Dixon, who seduced him at the family home.”
  3. “[In 1962] He had by then split from his mistress of the previous few years, Lorrae Desmond, who returned to Australia shortly afterwards and married a surgeon.” That’s Shirley off A Country Practice! Was on Home and Away too apparently but I don’t watch that.
  4. 8.5mm is actually quite a big gap between teeth isn’t it?
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Yeah, Wilson and Lobb are very handy, no arguments there.

I can’t begrudge Bennell finally getting back into it, either. Was definitely poorly treated in the media and letters to the tabloid press. He spent four years working hard on his recovery, and he never gave up. It’s nice to see him getting back (he’s been confirmed for this weekend). The only thing I begrudge is that it’s Melbourne who are set to reap the rewards.

I have to admit that I don’t watch other sides super closely. I take an interest in Gold Coast and GWS, and am an avid reader of footy news (though don’t really have any time for stories that focus on WC, Richmond, Hawthorn, Collingwood, nor really Carlton or Essendon for that matter). But from what I read from North supporters posting on online sites (The Roar), Tarryn Thomas is a future star. That’s some lovely which-way against Bontempelli.

I’ll leave the tipping to you. I can’t do it, because 1) I can never tip against Freo; and 2) I see footy in terms of possibilities, making it impossible for me adopt any position of certitude on how any game/season will unfold. I get my enjoyment from anticipating, watching and analysing how things end up unfolding.

LOL, watching a replay of last night’s AFL 360. I didn’t think the wankfest over Jack Higgins could get any worse than 2018. But Slobbo just called him “Puck from a Midsummer’s Night Dream”. Fuck’s sake! Nothing against the bloke but I just don’t get all the fawning. Good footballer who’s not that bright and admits it.

Bennell confirmed as an in for Melbourne

Cam McCarthy- out (epilepsy)? Bloody hell, you can’t win a trick down at Dockerland! Although everybody sounds positive about Jesse Hogan, which I’m happy to hear.

Jesus, are they using canned crowd noises?

Actually I think I’m on board with it - lesser of two evils, games in round 1 sounded like a practice match. Hearing every player’s comment and slap of boot on ball had some novelty but I think it was just a bit too stark in the end.

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Ha ha they won’t prepared with the sound effects for a draw. First time ever the crowd has gone wild after a draw!

Did you watch all the way through? I had it on in the background while I was cooking dinner, and only started watching properly from around mid-way into the third. I despise Collingwood, but can’t half feel that were McGuire to make a complaint to the CCC, he’d have a pretty decent case.

Were those bodgy calls recompense for the rub of the green going Collingwood’s way across the first half? It’s the only way I can make sense of it. Even before the score-review howler (remembering that if there’s any doubt, it’s meant to go with the goal umpire’s initial call: a behind, in this instance), there was that case of Martin holding the man (was it de Goey? one of the 600 Collingwood players with bleached hair, at any rate) about three minutes earlier that marked the shift in momentum.

Having said that, the only better result one could’ve hoped for is a nil-all draw, so it’s not a bad (re)start to the season.