Australian Open 2017

Dan Evans has just beaten Marin Cilic!

Good lad :thumbsup:



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Awesome. Was not expecting that. Also Kyrgios out, and Murray injured?

Wikipedia tells me that Andy Murray is taking on a 1966 Soviet biographical historical drama film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and co-written with Andrei Konchalovsky. Tricky match-up

wish i found Evans less unlikeable, decent player to watch.
surreal seeing Konta going into a slam as 6th favourite (5th now lol Halep), seems about right though

I’m still not 100% sure that Konta isn’t an actual robot.

“So Jo how did it go out there on court today?”

Do while match<> final
give 100%
concentrate on match+1
End while
If win then happy else not happy effort=effort+1
Goto 10”

“Thanks Jo”


ha she actually reminds me of Murray a bit.
completely different playing style but both gritty and (overly) dependent on crosscourt backhands. been hammered by some tennis fans since she broke through but i like her

djokovic making a right meal of this

Istomin serving for the match. fucking hell!

No way (No-le)

bizarre what’s happened to him since he won the 4 in a row
was unbelievably good in the doha final 2 weeks ago so it’s not like his game’s fallen off a cliff, seems like a purely mental thing

It’ll be interesting to see how Murray handles it from here. I guess he has experience from last year’s Wimbledon of the same thing happening, but… that was Wimbledon and arguably the pressure on him now is higher.

We’ll probably learn a lot from the match against Querrey. If he comes out and gets the job done in straights then he’d be a rock solid favourite for the title, but if Querrey makes him work then others in the draw will see an opportunity. With Nishikori and Federer in his quarter, Wawrinka in his half and Raonic probably favourite on the other side of the draw there’s plenty who could make life difficult for him.

That said, I bet he now doesn’t drop a set in winning this title :-).

It would be cool to see him see off Federer in the quarters, Stan in the semis and Nadal in the final, nailing three players who have all been a pain in his arse at slams over his career.

Konta destroying Wozniacki :bow: :bow:
other good stuff :
Federer hammering Berdych
Venus winning 6-0 6-1 against a player who claimed she’d never seen her play
Istomin actually following up his win

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Yeah I would literally have put serious money on Istomin crashing and burning. Djokovic only casualty of the top 16 seeds in the bottom half. Quarters could be interesting.

bottom half is surely raonic’s to lose, hopefully not though as there’s a bunch of other players there i’d love to see in the final. really good to see dimitrov playing well again, as easy as it is to make fun of him

Murray OUT :open_mouth:

Not too surprised at this as Mischa Zverev has been playing really well recently and seems to be peaking late in his career. Still his volleying skills were phenomenal in this match.

pretty surprised that of the 2 Zverevs it was the older one causing the upset. played some great stuff though looking at the highlights, guess he dealt with the pressure better than his brother did yday. less surprised at Murray wobbling after reaching #1, especially given everybody wants to throw rocks at the throne etc

Even if Murray won today think he might have struggled to beat Federer (assuming he beats Nishikori) who has beaten him in their last 5 meetings mostly on hard courts. Much as I like Murray, he doesn’t have the air of invincibility around him that the other 3 of the big four did when they were at their peak. Hoping Federer wins it but pretty much anyone but Raonic I’ll be happy with.