Australian Open 2017

sounds like the entire crowd’s also supporting Federer. not getting a sniff so far looks like this being his first tournament in 6 months has caught up with him. personally I’m v much here for Kei winning his first slam

Yeah Federer seem very sluggish and doesn’t seem to be hitting his groundstrokes with any aggression. Hopefully he will wake up for the second set.

Nishikori seems intent on giving this set away, Federer hasn’t done anything special to get back in to it. Pretty poor quality contest so far.

Nishikori’s pure flopping but still ridiculous how match sharp Federer has been all tournament considering his time out. takes most younger players months to recover that sharpness

Fuck sakes Murray! Hoping for a fed win now

Raonic or Thiem winning it would probably be good for the medium term future of the game. We need a young player to establish themselves at the top soon. I have a sneaking suspicion I might raise a glass to either Nadal or Federer if they nabbed one more too. Stan winning it again would be funny, and might even get shrewbs biting his nails a bit about the comment that he’d never make number one :slight_smile:

Even though this is a wacky tournament, Zverev, Goffin, Istomin and Bautista are not going to win it. That leaves Dimitrov who frankly I don’t want to win it, Monfils which again would be funny, or Jo-Willy. I think on balance I want Jo-Willy to win it. He deserves one in his career.

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Kerbs losing to Trump supporting Vandeweghe :frowning:

I was thinking the same about him reaching #1 :smiley:
I actually like Stan but i’m bored of him randomly peaking at slams now and pettily don’t want him to end up with more than Murray

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Think I want Federer, Thiem, Dimitrov or Wawrinka to win mostly because I like the one handed backhand. Wouldn’t mind Zverev or Goffin winning either but it’s pretty unlikely.

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didn’t really register until Federer pointed it out just now but the courts are a fair bit faster this year aren’t they
explains Murray losing to a serve and volleyer, Istomin’s performance, Vandeweghe’s form etc.

Venus - Vandeweghe is a v Wimbledon semi final. also v good v evil, cmon Venus.
all in for Goffin now in the mens

This is getting funny now.

Ooh Djokovic is out! Could this be the beginning of the Murray era?!

Ooh Murray’s out! Could this be the beginning of the rise of Thiem?

Ooh Thiem’s out! Could this be Raonic’s breakthrough?

Oh. So I guess it’s back to the old “will Dimitrov win a slam” trope :frowning:

And then on Sunday we get to see Federer beating Nadal in a slam final again.

that’s now the outcome I’m hoping for, learnt over the years never to expect Federer to beat Nadal in any match though
gonna be a proper nostalgia love in if we end up with that + another Williams final

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Christ that hadn’t even occurred to me.

We have the Venus v Serena final, but Wawrinka maybe has the momentum now against Federer…

You’re my wife now Stan…

What channel(s) is this on?


Williams sisters got so much shit when they were younger for not playing enough tournaments, think them being this good in their mid 30s with no signs of burnout is a pretty good response to that. really happy for Venus.
Fed has also done a ridiculously good job of managing his own body these last few years

Roger Federer is my favourite sportsman of all time. What a man.