Austrian kid sues parents for photos of them as a kid on Facebook


Hmm, interesting.

I have posted at most maybe four photos of my daughter and they are all unidentifiable ones.




I’ve posted lots of pictures of my children, but I’d take them down in an instant if they wanted me to.


don’t have kids
not on facebook



Two things in play here, to be honest; one, should you put photos of your kid online, and then two why wouldn’t you taken them down if they asked you to?


not on Facebook


I’d like to hear @1101010’s opinion.


I can see understand why people wouldn’t post pictures of their children on Facebook. Personally we’re happy to. We live a long way away from the majority of our relatives and a good number of our friends, so it’s a useful way to keep them up to date. We try to be sparing and obviously wouldn’t post anything that we felt would be embarrassing to our children.

In terms of the other question: fuck knows.


In the UK, a recent survey found that the average parent will have posted 1,498 pictures of their children on social media by the time the child turns five.

fucking hell, that’s a lot. My son is 2 1/2 nearly, and i have posted no photos of him on social media. I reckon my wife has maybe a handful of times if that. Got a lot of catching up to do.

I’m not even on facebook…


Here’s a picture of my son space hopping in the back garden at the weekend


shit, that’s nearly a picture a day.


Lovely pic Balonz!


The woman’s parents sound a bit awful. Always a tricky one where you find someone completely failing to take something seriously that affects someone else. Fair play to her for taking it to this point to make them see sense.

Don’t really agree with your framing here.


I feel like the proportional response from the daughter would be to get her parents wasted, get some embarrassing pics of them looking hideous, then rent out a billboard or something with them on.


Fair play to her? Sounds like a complete brat


Or maybe just then go on their computer which they’ve probably left logged into FB and remove them?


Well her point is they’ve got photos of her on the toilet etc. and she’s asked a lot prior to this for them to remove them.

Dunno, I guess you happily post photos of your mates looking terrible all the time rather than considering which photos they might appreciate you putting up there?


I’m with theo on this one. what’s she meant to do?


Photos of a kid on a potty, as if anyone gives a toss about that, she needs to get over herself and maybe consider that suing your own parents over something like this is ridiculous.

P.S - I’m not on facebook.


If you have repeatedly asked someone to respect your privacy and they don’t then taking it to court is reasonable. That this particular case is making the news is more about its impact on other people’s perceptions I’d imagine but I dunno, maybe she’s got something to sell and it’s about generating publicity, in which case I am not behind that.