was looking for videos on youtube but i spelt it urwxhew as i wasnt looking at my keyboard, and look what came up!

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FFS assumed there was new music coming out. :unamused:

Listened to Exai the other day for the first time in a while. Such a good album - bladelores is one of the best things they’ve done.


completely agree about Exai and bladelores.

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A ranking of their LPs (excluding album-lenth EPs)? Sure, go on then.

  1. Amber
  2. Chiastic Slide
  3. Tri Repetae
  4. Incunabula
  5. Untilted
  6. Exai
  7. Oversteps
  8. Confield
  9. LP5
  10. Quaristice
  11. Draft 7.30

elseq - I can’t rank this. It’s great, but it’s too big to put in this list.

They’re pretty much unparalleled in terms of consistent quality, huh?

Thing is, I’ve no idea what a bad Autechre song would sound like. It wouldn’t scan as bad, just particularly impenetrable.



Just skimmed Draft 7.30 for an example seeing as it was bottom of my list. Turns out they’re all good.

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Never heard of this kind and it looks great. Have to skip the music at first and now looks like i am stuck with it.

Autechre feel like a band I should really be into. All the things I like are there, but for whatever reason I’ve always had a hard time getting into them.

Occasionally I’ll hear a track somewhere, and think ‘that’s great, who is that?’ And it’s them and I’ll go to hunt more down and find myself just getting lost again. The only album I’ve liked to a certain extent was Tri Repeatae. And really liked Bladelores from Exai. Is there are good intro guide to them?

Help me DiS.

Try Quarastice. Unusually for them, it’s composed of 15+ shorter tracks as opposed to ~8 really long tracks. Every track is different, some are really quite nice, and you can always rest assured that if you don’t like what one track’s doing, you might like the next one.

Alternatively, I believe Chiastic Slide to be their masterpiece.

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Just tried making an ‘Intro To Autechre’ playlist but found I was just putting the entirety of Amber and Chiastic Slide on there. If you like the more beat-oriented IDM (don’t hate the genre, hate the name), then, per @ninetyeightytwo, start with Chiastic Slide.

Probably steer clear of Confield. If you liked Bladelores then try 6IE.CR and V-PROC from Draft 7.30


Thank you folks! Will check those out…

I like Confield!

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So do I. Need to carve some time out to have a spin of it again soon. Not exactly a driving album!!

I like it too, a lot. Just not exactly the friendliest entry-point for Autechre

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Agreed. Tri Repeate or Amber are the best entry points in my opinion.

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Yes that is definitely true! ha

Parhelic triangle
Pendulu casual
M39 diffain
nth dafuseder.b



would also have accepted

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I never understood why Confeld is held up as so “difficult”. I suppose at the time it was a (bit of a) shift but to these damaged ears it’s no more tricky than more recent stuff. Tri Repeate is still probably my favourite… and the first one I got. And massive shout out for the Anvil Vapre EP. Although had forgotten til just now Chris Cunningham did the video for the lead track…

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