Cichli is Autechre’s finest moment. The point where their burgeoning algorithmic approach meets its most human counterpart and it’s like a fucking love song. The clicking machine noise, the stab notes, the frail, angelic pads floating behind your ears, the serruptitious bass that slinks up to join them together. Music like this shouldn’t make me so emotional, but it does.


Big call, but I’m inclined to agree as a single track. As an album it’s still Amber for me.


Amber is my big gap in Autechre knowledge. It’s a pig to get hold of even on CD. LP5 too, for that matter.
Chiastic Slide is where I came on board in 97, and I grabbed Incunabula and Tri Repetae soon after. I’m not an Autechre completionist, in fact it’s only in the last 6 months or so that I’ve been stepping back into the pool - Confield was where I dropped out - it was that tipping point after which they went full non-music for the 2000s imo. I’ve recently reinvigorated my passion for them by picking up the EPs 1991 - 2002 set, which then prompted me to seek out Exai and Oversteps/Move Of Ten, which definitely sound like the human element is back in play to me.


I picked up Amber on vinyl about 3 months ago from Norman Records. It’s top 5 of all time for me - layers upon layers of warm melodies, harmonic pulses, and fluttery beats all dancing around each other. Definitely sits on the more ‘human’ side of what they’ve done.


guys. tt1pd.



Rerelease plz, Warp. LP5 and Amber are real pigs to find on CD.


Finally got around to buying NTS 1. That woozy beat in t1a1 is so damn good. Autechre are actual wizards.


All three of those sessions are great (although NTS3 is rather different - stylistically - from the other two).

So much great music.


Helena Hauff referred to AE as “cheesey”, WTF the fuck she is on?


Lol in that Quietus piece, yeah? I guess that something like Incunabula is relatively ‘cheesy’ within the realms of experimental techno… I’m guessing she was more referring to early Autechre sounding very much of its time (i.e. the very best time for IDM) - but yeah, still a weird description.


It was just a bit wanky in my opinion.


This might have something to do with AE themselves describing Incunabula and Amber as cheesy in an interview in Pitchfork. In 2008. Which is here.

I’m glad I remember such important, useful things.


Haha amazing memory skills. Well sounds like she is off the hook.


This is a good read:


Correction - NTS4 is rather different - stylistically - from the other three.

I somehow forgot about one of them earlier.


We’re writing to let you know that unfortunately the production of this record has been delayed. We now expect your order to be dispatched the week of the 13th August

:grimacing: come on already!


Autechre themselves have talked about Amber as being cheesy. didn’t get that either.


I’ll take cheesy AE over algorithm-bores AE any day.