Excellent- also, the high on fire track from a couple of years back on adult swim was ridiculosuly good

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Yes! Not sure what to expect but any track is good in my book :smiley:

Seems they have uploaded lots of video, plus elements of their 2008 tour material (if you have the right software/hardware to play it) to their bleep page

Haven’t checked it out yet though

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They just put some live stuff up for sale
19 shows from the USA in 2015 :heart:


Quite disappointed they didn’t put the gig I went to a month later up :laughing: :upside_down_face:

And that it seems you have to buy the whole live set (inc them European ones) to make it anyway a reasonable buy. I’ve bought all the European ones already. Are they (dare I ask) much different anyway… heresy I know

Thanks to @AphexTwinkletoes i’ve spent almost all of today listening to LP5. Absolutely love it. Think i’ve clicked with this album even more than I did with Amber and Tri Repeatae. It’s got a great thump to it, without totally losing the more melodic undercurrent of their earlier stuff.


LP5 remains a very aggravating gap in my ‘classic’ AE CD collection. It’s tough to find one for a good price that isn’t knackered.


hahahah pretty much what I thought DiS would be like when I saw the BoC mix.

Starting now on 1, an hour of previously unheard early Autechre recordings from the Warp archives, produced between 1989 and 1993 -


Oh man :smiley:

So electro :smile:

Cheers mate

These tapes need a proper release

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