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I was just listening to Autechre through headphones whilst walking the dogs. I was completely lost in the layers and soundscapes of their music. However. Three times i had to look behind me because the sounds tricked me into thinking someone was following me. Autechre should come with a warning! Great stuff though!

Been having an Autechre marathon over the last two days, listening to everything I have by them in order. I’m missing various albums (by design in a few instances) but it’s been a rewarding if challenging listen overall. First four albums are great, but I’m sadly missing LP5. There’s definitely a period from around 2001 to 2010 that I generally don’t get on with, which is where most of their more henious machine noise algorithm stuff comes in. I found Draft 7.30 in a charity shop the other day so that’s the latest addition. It’s a bit better than Confield (which I struggle with, though not as much as Quaristice or Untilted which I purposefully do not own). Then they put out Oversteps and Move Of Ten and they’re both really good and I need to spend more time with them. The EP box-set is brilliant and then Exai is… ehhh, I think I need more time with Exai, too. That’s where my library ends. I can’t be arsed with all the endless Elsec/NTS session stuff, that shit needs curation. Genuinely wondering what side of AE Sign is going to be, now.


After splitting up with my ex, I went on holiday on my own for the first time in years. I spent 4 days in Edinburgh and imposed a rule on myself that I only listened to Autechre, all the time. I think I went through in order too. I can confirm it completely fried my mind, but in a good and necessary way for that moment in my life :+1:


Finally scored a second hand copy of LP5 on CD for less than £20. I suspect it’s going to rival Tri Repetae in my affections. Now to work out how to remove the long-dried sticker residue from the case… pair of jokers, that AE.

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Some description of the new album from Boomkat, who even knows if it’s serious.

After their music has undergone what could be called a growth spurt in recent years, the acrid plasma of their complex, hyper-inorganic systems feels to congeal, create more intricate snaps across the album, from the lush cosmic collisions of ‘M4 Lema’, to the rhizomic arp weaving on ‘F7’, while refining their tendons and muscle in the gyrostep of ‘au14’ and ‘such.mefd2’. The anthropomorphisation of their synthesis accelerates with the album’s 2nd half with the elegiac catharsis of ‘Metaz form8’ displaying a greater emotional intelligence, while their shapeshifting synthesis grows semblances of glowing hair and teeth and skin in ’th red a’, and even a plaintive human heartache in the systolic thud and bloo pads of ‘psin AM’ that rawly bleeds out in the album’s future classic closer ‘r cazt’.

Sounds good, that.

Sounds like a review of every Autechre album since Amber, frankly.


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