Autechre's Chiastic Slide just turned 20 years old


Missed the day (Feb 17th), but read a nice piece in Fact:

Probably my second favourite Autechre album after Amber. It definitely marks the point when they began morphing from what you could loosely defined as ambient techno into, well, full-on Autechre. At risk of sounding like a 6th form student music journalist, I remember thinking (in 6th form) that Amber sounded like what would happen if our future AI overlords decided to make classical music. I think that article, with its reference to a laundry machine, is bang on - Ciapter sounds like a hyper-intelligent dishwasher having a crack at a techno record.

The whole record is gold, but Cichli is the other standout for me. It’s probably the most obvious example of their professed love of hip-hop. But again, it sounds like hip-hop made by your dishwasher. As with so much of their first few albums, they add in layers of rhythm and melody, one additional detail at a time, giving you time to appreciate the nuance of each new layer - it’s gritty, playful, and beautiful all at the same time - and it sounds like nothing else.

It may be their most influential record as well? Listening back, it’s hard to imagine Raster Noton or Mille Plateaux without this evolution of Autechre. Hands down, 10/10 stone cold classic.

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Happy birthday I guess


Sorry, I’m not really into music.


What do you think dishwashers of the future will be able to do? What’s their role in the internet of things?



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Oh fuck this is mortifying


My favourite Autechre album - but I think that might only be because it’s the one I heard first.

Almost every track starts off jarring but becomes deeply soothing - even transcendent - once you’ve familiarised yourself with the rhythm. The exception is Pule, which is just lovely throughout.


Guys, I don’t post about music usually, honest! I’m a social boarder! Guys?


There’s far too many releases having big anniversaries making me realise how old I am! I agree that this one is (for me) the bridge between the “old” and “new” Autechre (although that might be because I got LP5 very late on and don’t really know it that well).

I could listen to any of their stuff all day but Tri Repetae will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s the first I heard (having rented the CD from the library when I was at school). I’ve only seen them live in the last few years, and I wish I’d seen them in the old days. However, I think they almost work best when you do what you will with them… a year or so back I went to Edinburgh on my own for 4 days and purposefully listened only to Autechre the entire time. it proper fried my brain but I enjoyed it!

I will listen to the album today at work, and then hit the Cichlisuite EP too, in your honour.


Agreed! Stuff from 2007 that is now 10 years old is messing with my head.

Love the notion of renting out Tri Repetae from the school library! What a world that must have been…


Total banger of an album. will read the article later, cheers.



I knew I could rely on you!

Just finished my listen-through. Wish I’d been old enough to appreciate this sort of music at the time as it was being released - the release calendar for that year is silly good. You get Chiastic Slide in February, Hard Normal Daddy in April, Lunatic Harness in July, Not For Threes, Substrata and Come To Daddy in October.