Auto recovery contains some recovered files that haven't been opened.

That game looks incredible. And available on CD ROM too. Thtose were the days.

(do things still happen on CD ROM? I have no idea.)

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It was incredible. It even contained a Swedish Chef DOOM clone

Oh my word! How have I never seen this before?! #thatsincredible definitely need to play that game.

obviously not, GRANDAD

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Literally impossible. Only 1s and 0s exist.

You’re literally impossible



But what if one 1 and another 1 got tgether and made up 2, you know like in the song?

Then they’d become a 1 and a 0, in that order.

Was that part of the album version or something?

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It’s part of the Pet Shop Boys 12" Remix.

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Oh! the recovery remix. Yeah, i know the one.

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