Autobiographies you've read that made you think less of the author

Mark Oliver Everett
Bryan Cranston

for me

Danny Baker

Not sure why I read it, my ex lent it to me

I’d always liked him on the radio (or back in the 90s when I heard him more I did)

Comes across ridiculously smug and pleased with himself.

Interesting. How come?

I’ve only seen the documentary about his dad but thought he came across as quite endearing. Have the book somewhere and been meaning to get round to it.

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Just comes across as such a creep

Makes weird comments about his sister’s breasts

David Copperfield. He didn’t mention his magic once


Frank Skinner. In both his books he’s utterly incapable of describing any girlfriend / sexual encounter without mentioning her age (always much younger than him, obvs…).

Fuck. I read it but don’t recall anything like that. I enjoyed it but also it mainly just made him sound like a very normal guy who had achieved a surprising popularity.

That said I don’t really know Eels that well.

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Interesting. Tell me more

More weird macho bollocks. Talks about this vivid fantasy he had of violently assaulting his ex.

Can’t remember anything weird, but I read it when it came out so it’s a long time ago so can’t remember much now. Enjoyed the book and still liked Mr E at the end of it.

Possibly the only autobiography I’ve read as far as I’m aware.

Nile Rodgers. Can’t remember any details but I found him quite annoying.

Excellent idea for a thread. If you see someone live and get a bad impression they could have been having an off night, but 400 pages about themselves in their own words is pretty conclusive.

Can’t think of a book rn, but I once went to a kind of retrospective performance by sound artist / musician Janek Schaefer, where he played pieces from throughout his career and talked about their context, his life etc. I went because I’d heard one piece of his which I loved, and he’s well-respected, but came away thinking of him as an annoying, priveleged hack with lazy ideas and an inflated sense of self. I haven’t listened to him since. Nice one Janek

:grimacing: :grimacing:


Graeme Le Saux

Needless to say, I had the last laugh

Ozzy Osbourne. Found out he was a wifebeater

Never mind, I see this has been addressed.