Autumn 2016: official thread


It is now OFFICIALLY autumn and I don’t know about you guys but up here in the far, far north it is finally beginning to feel like it as well. We’ve had a warmer September than usual but it’s getting chillier and there are some leaves on the ground. Was proper pissing it down earlier today as well.

I don’t hugely mind as I’m quite a fan of the autumn months myself, but there’s the inevitable feeling of time passing and the year drawing to its end and I’m just sat here like, wtf am I doing with my life. On the bright side, when I get paid it’s straight to the shops to get some new thick tights and some warm nice cardigans! Wohoo!!!

Tell me about how autumny it is where you are please.



Oh wow, so that’s how you do the big writing


It’s bright and sunny and quite nice here.


Rain = Shit
Wind = Shit
Crunchy leaves = Only exist in fiction


But you get more chances to use the word ‘autumnal’


Poor season. Get the odd nice day (cold, clear), but generally it’s just wind, weird not warm not cold temperatures and rain. At this time of year I just want winter to get a move on… get in to the proper cold stuff. You know where you are then.


It’s Winter I, you absolute weapon.


Nailed it mate.

Cold and dry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wet, windy and mild


Hate to break it to you, but it’s already Winter (1)




Refuse to accept its arrival until 02 October, the end of the cycling road season.


It’s nice out


I don’t mind it up until about the time when the clocks go back. November can fuck off, but it’s nice this time of year.

Sunshine and crispness and crunchy leaves are all Real Things


So much this.

Spring and Autumn are fucking awful.

You get your nice hot, dry, sunny Summer days and in Winter you get those lovely cold, still, sunny days. In Spring and Autumn you just get wind, rain and overcast skies. Fuck off.


I’m sorry but for a Norwegian this is quite a funny post.


Let the record show that most people in this thread are fucking mental.


I’m a big fan of November


How come?


Show your working, Lopes!


Because you all think autumn is shitty, obvs