Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing



Something about concentric circles, something about checkers. Sounds like Brexit might be fun after all tbh tbf.

Summer 2018 Brexit Thread

What are you at you absolute twats?


from the last thread:

Ah godddddddddddddd you can even SEE Barnier and Macron trying to meet them in the middle here and yet we’re sat like we’re holding a great hand, when in reality we have no cards at all and we’re covered in piss.


seems like even the Tories’ plan of turning the UK into an offshore tax haven isn’t going exactly to plan either


why do yous keep making new threads?


Brexit watchers are very aware of the movement of the seasons


Autumn? It’s 30th August. Do I need to get warny in here to tell you how the year works?


Triple summer


Read one of those threads where someone tries to explain why it’s nonsense to call the EU undemocratic compared to the UK and the brexiter screeches back “then how come we didn’t get leaflets through the door with Juncker’s face on it before he was appointed???” and wanted to go scream into the void for a bit, so I’m posting on here.


Also his sciatica is now a problem for them somehow???


They get too big and hard to follow. Like certain international economic/political bodies, amirite!


the autumn of our discontent, the winter of beeves


I’m really looking forward to the tagging for the thread next spring. If we’re on multiple dooms already, god knows what that’s going to look like. Just a big union jack boot stamping on everyone’s face forever I guess.




Brexit would be a good name for a chocolate bar.


what would be the filling


Some combination of biscuits, chocolate, and deep, deep misery. Like a Blue Riband.


Biscuit based


tagline: “break a brexit”


And suet.