Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing

there won’t be a world war.

Well not with that attitude!


Don’t listen to him, 'lossal. If you want a world war, we’ll have a world war.


Thanks s’punky. Really appreciate your support on this.

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Idea for a film: the public across the globe try to have a secret world war without any politicians noticing.


Must not, repeat, must not turn into actual collapse of society.


Yeah it’ll intergalactic, a Star War, if you will.


i could envision lots of dirty little wars in happening in western countries at some point in the next 20-40 years, like what is happening in france/spain/USA feels like a prelude in many ways. where the line between rioting and urban insurgency becomes blurred. bombings, assassinations, etc. and maybe more traditional proxy wars between powers happening elsewhere, like in syria atm. but i think full on stalingrad style wars are pretty much finished now, what with nukes and all.

it feels like brexit and trump have made us all very fatalistic, which is understandable but bad. we need good energy guys, come on.

Vote Yes. #indyref2


Why don’t we have a two-stage ballot: first, leave or remain; then, if the result of that one is leave, May’s deal, no deal or…something else?

I mean if there’s a 2nd referendum of course I’m going to vote Remain. It’s actually the fact there’s a small sliver of hope that Brexit won’t happen which is killing me (which I suspected was always inevitably going to be the case anyway, because it’s too difficult to implement and get any consensus on how we Brexit). If we definitely know over the next few months/year Remain can’t happen then yeah… Brexit just needs to be got over with so at least we can move on.

Currently we don’t know and that’s we these are such frustrating, mentally exhausting times.

Because people will argue that we’ve already had the first part.

This thread’s pretty big, and it isn’t autumn any more.

Maybe we could retract article 50 to give us more time, then have a referendum on whether to have another referendum, make sure it needs a super majority and when no definitive answer is given chalk it down as a learning experience and agree not to talk about it again.

It means the autumn of Brexit, not the year.

The shitty soggy leaves on the ground, tatters of what once was. The skies have gone from radiant blue, to a concrete grey. The winter looming in the distance, waiting to ruin everything. And some pillock thinking it’s great because we get to wear scarves.

I’m kind of enjoying the idea that Article 50 might get extended for a few months thus taking the UK Gammons into the fabulously ironic position of having to vote in the Unelected Beaurocrat EU Parliament Elections in May


Yeah, two and a half years ago. We have a general election every few years too, just in case the electorate have changed their mind!

I’m not disagreeing with you.

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