Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing





*made in France


£5.80 per 50g bar


Theyre making blue ribands bigger?? Finally, some good news!


*Winter 1 Brexit Thread - The Yellowing




Marmite and pig semen


I’m probably more outraged by this thread than the impending apocalypse.


Fucking threads now. “Autumn”’, “Early Autumn”, “Rolling”. Fucking 25 things on the same thing with a timestamp in the title.

Fucking Brexit titling.


Complaining about thread titling and formating is extremely Brexit, btw.


i can’t help but read titling as ‘tit-ling’ and it’s making me smirk sadly


I’d pretty much forgotten all about Brexit


The thread titles are in line with EU Regulation No 7517/273 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29th March 2017 on suitable thread naming on messageboards, forums and other discussion mechanisms with regard to the British withdrawal from the European Union.


You know what, if we can take back control of our titles bring it on I say


Twenty jobs!


Calm your titles


Can I come on your titles, m8?




And the tax