Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing



lololol. so we become a tax haven for people who are personally rich, and lose jobs. yaaaaay


Wealth creators, m8




Yep and stop immigration to lower demand in employment to keep wages low


lovely stuff.


Kind of interested to see what other companies think about this, surely this could affect countries based elsewhere as well?


Well, won’t this also be the case for all other EU countries after they bring their tax avoidance legislation in next financial year?

And then what? UK vs US corporation tax race to the bottom? Probably


This is going to be awesome. I’m already looking for dollar-denominated freelance work in case we hit parity/flip the exchange rate completely. Is that going to work as a plan though? I don’t know! No one knows!


At least the UK can print infinite money eh? Nothing could go wrong there


Even for brexiters, this, coupled with the Rees mogg ‘bring back the troubles’ speech last week is fairly staggeringly… I dunno just indescribable really

TW: @thewza do not watch…


Heh. Watched it. Love stuff like this. Completely oblivious. Or idiotically brazen. Either way, it’s just a obviously a hole getting dug deeper innit. More of this sort of thing, please. :grinning:


makes sense!

wait what


Are you questioning the obvious fact that TM is a fiercely inspiring leader?


I thought everyone knew the Allies won WWII because we believed in ourselves a bit harder than the Axis did.


Looks like Corbyn’s finally upped his game. Next stop: getting on with it.


It’s like a geopolitics remix of Step Up II The Streets



this is a bad post right?


yeah it definitely is.

God why is it so hard for millions/billions of people to see what’s actually wrong with the world? :frowning: