Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing



I love that song :slight_smile:

  • This is not a big deal. Politics as Usual
  • The biggest decision in our Post-War history is being handled by people still in nappies

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All part of Reese-Moggs ‘we can slash environmental and safety regulations after brexit’ plan I’m sure.


it’s weird bcos this man is a gigantic turd yet he makes this good point


Brexit is so stupid even many turd politicians know it’s a terrible idea


Both statements can easily be true.


I’m pretty sure even May knows it, she just has no idea of how to navigate the politics in a way that vaguely makes sense.



Of course, even the majority of Tory MPs (or at least a significant minority) know how stupid this all is, that’s how bad it is



worrying. could have gone in here or the politics thread or the climate change thread we’re all too scared to make…


they’re converting the bottom floor of my building at work into more office space, apparently to move in some DExEU staff

(this comes after a year and a half of telling us there’s not enough office space to give all of us full time hours)

(we’re also moving out of the building in a little over a year)


:confused: sorry to hear they’re messing you around. If you don’t mind me asking what’s your line of work?


I have a pretty healthy mint plant in the garden, can I live on that?


only if i can have some, i love fresh mint


You’ll be subsisting entirely on mint juleps within weeks.


“Hey why is everyone else on a mint julep diet now?”




yeah bad news and everything but look at dis widdle boid: