Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing





tbh this guy talks ALOT. might start selling stuff to the papers.


times like this you realise why they’re pushing ahead with it tbh


you could be guido of the left! profk is actually a good name for an anonymous blogger


I for one am really enjoying the Chancellor going on manoeuvres ahead of conference season.


I keep giggling at this. I mean “who’s” is irking me, but this is counteracted by thought of someone “translating” a bird song.


In fact there is arguably nothing more Brexit than birdsong, given that it pretty much all means “Fuck off. This branch is mine and I’ll kill you if you come over here.”


It’s the universities’ fault that they’ve not planned for a post-Brexit world, apparently


Oxford, PPE, Chairman of the Oxford Union, banker, bankrupt recruitment consultant, thinktank.

This guy has it all!


I sat next to him at our school speech night when he won the RE prize, and I won the History one.


Can’t wait to find out whats in “Secret Chequers”


Could’ve made some serious wedge from climate change denial or racial superiority papers if they’d have been open to opportunities


This makes me grateful that my only famous school contemporary is David Shrigley (who quite reasonably tries to pretend he was never there).


He was only there for a year or two - most of his education was here:


is this where I mention that my famous school contemporaries were Gary, Jack and Kenwyn and you all Place Your Hands ?


My best mate from school went out with one of Gary’s exes.

Your turn :slight_smile:


My sister went out with Jack


I’m beginning to think they just all put it about a bit.


Are you an Oadby man? Some friends of mine live there…


Went to school there. Lived in one of the posh villages though.

A few years back we went to see a recording of Omid Djalili’s comedy series at the BBC. The most amusing thing about that was that after the first half he threw a big fit at us for not laughing enough. The second most amusing thing was his warmup man, who was genuinely terrifying. I think at one point he even told us he had a mental illness of some sort. Anyway he did the standard “where are you from” thing on someone in the audience and they said “Oadby”, and of course he gave it the whole “is that a real place? what sort of name is that?” thing, but I’ve always regretted not piping up with a little cheer, because I think the random coincidence of two audience members independently having lived in the same suburb of Leicester might have tipped him over the edge.

[Shrigley was in the year above me.]