Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing



We’ll look back at it as peak UK in a few years time :neutral_face:


It was probably the zenith of UK-Europe relations in retrospect too


I found this interesting when it was published


I’m rioting if there’s no Albion Market




Imagine my expression of purest shock!!!


That’s not what they were saying earlier today…


Perhaps tellingly, all the Labour MPs quoted and mentioned by name in the BI article are different from the ones cited in the Independent


Few people in either article actually committed to voting one way or another either.


pretty much exactly what I’ve been hearing from my #westminster pals for the past few months, btw.


Several of us would likely abstain.



I missed that. Imagine being the MP who decides to have no view on the largest single vote Parliament’s held in decades if not longer.



I don’t remember. I was 12. Can you enlighten me? :slightly_smiling_face:


“Given the way in which the [EU] has behaved and the corner they’ve put Theresa May into, there’s no deal which I can see at present which will command a majority in the House of Commons,” the [DUP] told the Belfast News Letter.


Mr Wilson added: "I think that anybody looking at it objectively would say that what is on offer from the EU is a far worse deal than a no deal, and therefore she’d be mad to be railroaded into accepting it.”

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Oh wow :smiley:


What bollocks now?


Bet she’s going to walk away from negotiations.


What do we think?

  • Recall article 50, resign and brexit is over.
  • War on France

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