Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing



Can’t see it - would need every Tory plus the 3 or 4 Labour rebels to gurantee a victory, but remember that their actual title is the Conservative and Unionist Party; I can’t see that lot hanging together on voting to put a border in the Irish Sea.


Empire 2.0! Yes and ho!

Some good ol’’ ruddy gruddy expansionism.

Next up: Brittany.

Then: We’ll have British Columbia back as well, thanks.

:uk: :uk: :uk:


Aye, when it suits them.

Also, if they pursue that option, good luck not having a Scottish referendum in the mix.


After their dirty display against our ruddy bloody brave boys in the World Cup it’s no more than they deserve! :wink:

Before someone says it, Yes I am aware that British Columbia is different than Colombia Wolfcastle.gif


not discussed enough is how much the american far right and their koch funded think tanks such as the cato institute are influencing the weirder brexiteers like johnson, mogg and gove. then planting outriders in the media like that bizarre american girl to normalise what should be unthinkable - dismantling the nhs, putting laser cannons on the border with ireland, accepting american food standards which are disgraceful. they have a big interest in making the UK a vassal state of the US.


So based on what they’re saying, it seems the ERG’s position is to change nothing and pretend Brexit hasn’t happened on the Irish border.


"Owen Paterson says the ERG considered all sorts of views.

He says people have an old-fashioned view of borders, involving a man in a tricorn hat stopping the carriage and putting a ladle in the treacle."



What fucking planet do these cunts live on


Every once in a while I’m lucidly reminded of the kind of people who are in charge of all this and it’s a genuine effort not to start screaming.


Regrettably the same planet as us. They should all be fired into space though (in the name of science, of course).


…jesus fucking christ.


I was thinking yday about how reading through Hammond’s notes, it’s amazing how not-totally-hatstand-insane tory ponderings now feels like a nostalgic ‘good old days’ by comparison to the snobs and mobs firestorm we’re currently embattled by


Snobs and mobs?


Its a new Freshers week fancy dress theme


who’s that?


Hilary clinton


this one

you can fall down a very dark rabbit hole here.

snowden writes for spiked, which is the weird trot contrarian rag. they’re all linked in with each other via different think tanks and media outlets. all pushing for the hard brexit, a closer relationship with the states, etc. it’s all very someone knows someone who started the moggmentum thing, etc. but their role is to legitimize the far-right free market POV wrt brexit.



Sorry for the n00b question, but what is ERG?


European Reform Group. Basically the Tory Hard Brexiters.