Autumn Brexit Thread - The Yellowing



Ahh. I guessed they were a bunch of clowns but didn’t know the context. Thanks!


basically they’re a bunch of hardcore brexiteers

if momentum in labour are the nice guys from the better team, ERG are the evil guys from the bad team


My local MP is a subscriber because of course she fucking is.



here we
here we


anyone want to become brexit editor for the house of commons?


actually solid job that!


'strong creative flair ’



basically training to become a fiction writer


Hmm. I do wonder, if Dacre was still in charge, if they wouldn’t have gone the other way.


dacre was REALLY publicly pissy with Grieg about his intentions to shift the narrative


Something about taking their readers for granted and how it was going to destroy the paper or something wasn’t it?


basically that he’d built the profits around mouthbreathers and that this shift would put them into a demographical limbo. he’s possibly correct but the sidebar of shaming women/everyone they run makes them enough money separately to the political sphere so they’ll be fine


Brexit eats its own.


Fucking hell these people make me want Brexit to just happen and all go away


Going to need to pay £5.50 every year for the luxury of crossing the border. How very sensible


Which one?




So er…people’s vote when?