Autumn Budget thread for actual tories and politics dweebs

Less tax for people who can AFFORD A FUCKING HOUSE
Our economy is the size of a tiny, tiny pea and we’re about to be squished

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Dunno how McDonnell’s gonna play the whole GDP growth downgrade given it blows a £40bn hole in revenues over the next 5 years. Propose to tax more, borrow more, or spend less, what’ll it be…

He’ll probably do a mixture of all three, when he should just say it’s fucking stupid and serves the rich because it does (the budget as a whole that is)

Back increased borrowing for capital investment, probably. And rightly.

All I read is that backbench Tories got all iainduncansmith.jpg about the stamp duty announcement.

Guardian saying headlines will be more positive about it than is justified

£40bn more additional borrowing on top of the £25bn per year additional borrowing (I think) which their manifesto costs included.

At what figure does borrowing more stop being the answer?

Kind of everything I hoped wouldn’t happen with Brexit seems to be happening. The country’s just turning into a barren dystopian racist police state.

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Short answer: it doesn’t when you have an economy as broken as the one we have now. Slightly longer answer: when productivity is back on trend and housing costs have stopped being such a drain on the economy and government finances.

Why do Tories hate Hammond again? He’s clearly extremely right wing economically and seems to be doing Brexit like they all want, is it just that he’s honest about it permafucking the future?


When’s THAT going to happen post-Brexit, I wonder.

that jeering politicians do after someone’s said something makes me want to vomit.


He also pronounced legislate with a hard g, which for my mind is the action of a psychopath.


What?! Like he’s saying leg?


So wish that this had been word for word Corbyn’s budget response.


Would have saved me thousands ffs, like £5k! only 8 months ago.


oh, but my wife owned before, so maybe not…I won’t read into it anymore and conclude that we wouldn’t have been eligible…5k ffs!

Moaning about what? I want property prices to come down to affordable levels, and I think this measure will do the opposite.

So why are you having a go at us moaning about this measure?

1/3 of houses in the UK are now owned outright. No prizes for guessing how the demographics of that will be working out…