Autumn internationals (rugby union)



These start today with Wales hosting Australia and Ireland the All Blacks. Not particularly confident of getting a result against the Aussies. Halfpenny is back, but Liam Williams, Warburton and Alun Wyn Jones are all out.

AOB (other than kik’s traditional “league’s better than union” post)?


I’ve been impressed by the ability of English Locks and 7s to get themselves hurt over the last month or so.
At least we have decent strength in depth in the second row.
I reckon if we can beat the struggling Boks next weekend we could be looking at 4 straight wins. I’d be worried about the Ozzies but we’re playing them at the end, and they’ll have 5 more games in the legs of an already banged up team.

Wales really, really need to beat them today.

With their injuries, Ireland will be able to call getting within 20 points a decent result.


Wales have no defence


Well that was predictably dreadful. Too slow, too predictable. Lucky not to lose by more.


8-32!? Ouch.


Could well have been more if the Aussies hadn’t made as many handling errors.


Incredible first 40 from the Irish.

Kaino is no lock and the easy lineout ball, and the metres they’re making driving the maul are putting the Irish well on the front foot. Couple that with the ABs struggling on their own lineout ball, and being pinged for the sort of lazy offsides, cheap shots and ruck disruption they’re used to getting away with, and it’s looking good.

Obviously the Newzies are well capable of sorting it out and still winning comfortably, but they’ve not been knocked about like this for some time.




Immense performance from the Irish.


Fair play, cracking result.


Incredible scenes.

Really expected it to go as usual with the ABs pulling it back, especially when it got down to 4 points. Fantastic performance by Ireland to keep going and win it.


Chicago will be jumping tonight with the Cubbies celebrations and the Irish.


Ireland! :grinning:


Looking forward to England vs the Bokkies on Saturday. SA have picked a MASSIVE pack.


And we have chosen Wood at 7. Hmmmmm, hardly a progressive choice. Thought Dave Ward was fit.


Whilst I’m not happy about Wood in the back row, I’m less worried about it now they’ve picked a 3rd lock who last played flanker when they lost to Japan and the questionably fit Alberts in their back row.


Suppose our bench looks good. Gonna be a good match


saw the stats for the irish match yesterday
Ireland made 180 meters, the abs made 4 or 5 hundred

would never have guessed that after watching it, it just seemed everything Ireland did worked
was a great game, especially as it was showcasing rugby to the us

loved them facing the haka in an 8 shape formation
see that the abs have been facing some criticism for the choice of haka - apparently in a remembrance type situation they should use a different one


Weekend of rugby ahead

Tonight Scarlets v Bath
Tomorrow Wales v Argentina
Sunday Caerleon U14s v St Peters

I suspect that the Wales game will be the shit in this weekends shit sandwich.


Sloppy start, penalty wise