Autumn internationals (rugby union)



Oh, Scotland. Forever snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Although the fact they came so close does put Wales’ abject performance against the Aussies last week into perspective.


Fuck sakes Scotland, how very Scottish of us


That Scotland result is the most Scotland thing ever


glad we’ve finally got the SA hoodoo dealt with

interesting piece from Shane Williams in the rugby paper, he says that if the lions team was picked now it’s be anglo irish
is that a bit dismissive of the scots? (I didn’t see their game, was watching England)

½penny missed a few sitters on the weekend - with a sexton 10/ Farrell 12 axis, it has to be Farrell kicking, no?


Looking for a big win today. Hopefully Billy V makes it through ok.

The real quiz is the Ireland game though. Home advantage vs the return of Whitelock and Retallick.


Expected big win for England.

You can see how badly the Irish have rattled the ABs as they’ve come out head hunting in this game. A ref with a bit more balls than Peyper could very well have seen 4 NZ yellows and possibly a red.


yeah he did seem very lenient on them, as per every other ref ever
yet they still whinge when called out on it on popular facebook rugby pages

great game though, massive intensity & so looking forward to the six nations clash against england/ lions games

also big up to Italy beating SA for the first time ever, Georgia for beating samoa & cementing their top ten ranking, & Scotland for beating argentina


Forza Italia!


Utter balls my friend.
That Sam Kane tackle wasn’t even a penalty.


Him, and Fekitoa have been cited though. Haven’t seen any highlights but sounds like some dirty stuff from both sides


Fekitoa’s was bad and intentional, Sam Kane’s was not even a penalty.

Judge for yourself:


Potential red card with the new directives from World Rugby. Effectively completes the tackle with his arms round his head. Possibly a shoulder charge to the head, or a head to head tackle depending on the camera angle. But I’m not a ref,l so what do I know


More than Gorkys apparently. He’s clearly struck him in the head with his shoulder. Even if you’re generous and say it’s accidental, Henshaw’s fallen a little, you give him the late arm wrap and say he’s hit the shoulder and gone up, none of that is relevant anymore, if you go into a tackle like that and make contact with the head, it’s a penalty and a card.


yeah, leads with the shoulder, don’t think there’s an honest attempt to wrap. unfortunate that henshaw had his head tucked in a little, but it its a clear penalty and card for me, clive.


Launchbury banned for kicking an opponent


Yeah, he’s been pretty stupid there. Everyone was told quite clearly at the start of the season to stop kicking through rucks.

Irritating as he has been outstanding this year.


Daly’s hit wasn’t even a penalty.


OK, that bit of snark aside, I have to say that from the 3rd minute on (when pretty much everyone in the pub was well ahead of the ref with the conclusion that it was a red) England were incredibly impressive today. I would have had May as my man of the match, as his pace forced the Argentinians to play with less width than you would normally do against 14 men.

Due to a man crush on JMFL, and their design classic shirt, the Argies are my 2nd team, so it pains me to see them be so very ordinary.

Only saw the 2nd half of Ireland vs the Ozzies, as I wasted 40 minutes of my life watching a bald Welsh team fighting with a slaphead Saffer side for a comb. Despite having been beaten up for a few weeks the Wallabies still look like a dangerous prospect coming to HQ next week, Especially if Billy V is out.


Best autumn internationals in ages for us
But we’re still looking pretty hmmmm compared to ireland/england


This is what worries me. Won 3 out of 4, but not looked good at all really. Better today, but the Boks were dreadful to be honest.