Autumn statement thread


absolutely 100%. As if letting agents are going to swallow the costs themselves - meaningless fees are how they afford all those Mini Coopers they drive around in.

One issue to remember is that Housing Benefit cannot be used to pay for upfront fees.

Silver lining

Shares in Foxtons and the like have promptly plummeted :laughing:


couldn’t believe the cost of lettings agent fees when I was living down in oxford.

they were like “aye just give us £300 so we can check your references” actually laughed in the face of the first agent and told them to get fucked, only to then realise every single one in the area do the same thing. absolute craziness.

Aye, loads of them are absolute bastards trying to take advantage of anyone they can. Tenants rights in general are a bit fucked.

Right, so I’m getting taxed less, then?

Literally the opposite of what I asked for. Fuck off, Hammond.

Came home to this:

Touché, Hammond. Bit on the nose though.


about £100 better off

this always happens

I’ll be about £300 better off. Ffs.

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I see the government are now going to blame their repeated failure to meet targets on Brexit, and a lot of people are happy to swallow that.

I suppose at least they have a new line after years of ‘the mess that the previous government left us’

it is uuuuuunbelievable. I recently surrendered a tenancy and they charged a ‘surrender fee’ of 1 month’s rent + VAT. When I challenged them and asked what it was for, they said ‘It is the cost of remarketing the property and other stuff’. Literally that vague. Then when I saw the ad they’d put up on Rightmove they’d just used the old photos that they had from before we let it. Jokers.

Utterly delusional

I really enjoyed having to pay for an inventory on an unfurnished property.

Yeah yeah, fixtures, fittings, paint etc. But still. Mildly amusing. Mildly disheartening.

From the BBC story on letting agent fees:

But Julie Turner, who is a landlord, says the extra costs faced by landlords will lead to higher rents.
“We do not make a profit on our property we rent out because there is the service charge and insurance and mortgage, and there is a new tax law coming in,” she says.

Imagine what a massive idiot you’d have to be to be a landlord who fails to make money on renting a property. Why don’t you sell up you fucking spanner?


No mention of the Jo Cox stuff either…

We got charged a cleaning fee by our letting agents because they deemed it wasn’t clean enough. It was absolutely spotless. Fucking cunts.

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She’s just providing a much-needed service, bless her heart.