Autumn/Winter 2017 Threads Thread

What have you bought for the the transition into cooler days/winter nights? What do you need?

I’m looking for a baggy thick knit wool jumper (black).

Bought a lightweight waterproof Adidas jacket last Friday on accounts of how I’m now walking to work every day and my umbrella broke.

I don’t like how sweaty it makes me, dry on the outside wet on the inside I guess…

got a nice baggy thick knit wool jumper (burgundy) that i busted out yesterday for the first time in a while

This beanie, that is all.

Yes, uniqlo heattech is essential in winter. I still have long sleeved tshirts from winter 2010 (a very cold winter).


Bought these and they’re so comfy.
Bit pricey but I think they’re worth it and will last.

I need a new winter coat but I think I wanna be all black and grey this year so it needs to fit my theme


I need a good raincoat. Something light as outerwear but that doesn’t make me look like an absolute penoid.

I have such a disgusting amount of clothes I’m thinking I’m not going to buy anything.

Famous last words!

Currently wearing this wooly bastard -

Gonna crack out the duffle coat soon enough. Will probably be sweating in it until around November, they’re so warm.


I’ve been meaning to get myself a new ‘big winter coat’ for the past 2 or 3 years as my old one is about a size too big these days. Never bother in the end. Might actually get one this year.

Won’t really change my clothes until December I don’t think. Dress and leggings/tights is all I need. #nocoatstilldecember

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Just add a cardi / hoodie / jacket / coat as appropriate.

I’d love some but they make me feel a bit clownish, like my feet look HUGE in them.

Still looking for a winter coat. Quite fancy a peacoat at the moment.

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We’re a good few weeks in to 2nd Winter now, still not needed central heating. This living-in-a-flat malarkey is quite good for that

I could do with getting a new coat, but I only wore it about a dozen times last winter, so maybe I can get a few more years out of my current one.

Other than that, I haven’t bought any winter clothes for about 5 years, and I don’t expect to buy any more for another 5 also.

There’s been a couple of mornings when I’ve rolled out of bed lately where I’ve been tempted to stick the heating on, I’ll be honest. Still 6 weeks before that’s allowed though…

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I think they just brought this range out! They’re honestly so comfy and not rock hard leather like their regular ones. This is day one of wearing and so far not rubbing

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Every winter I search everywhere for a decent pair of black boots and never find any that are good enough.

Think I might just get these instead, been wanting them for ages:

I have this which is quite similar :rainbow_flag: :


Ah, your ZX Spectrum jumper! I remember that. It’s ace.