Autumn/winter 2019 clothes thread

Come on then.

Just got myself a half price patagonia down jacket thing (not sure if it counts as technical @1101010)

Not in that colour. Anyone got their eyes on anything more exciting?


I often wear clothes


Need a new coat but I hate them all.

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Need a new waterproof, my current one is decidedly … not.

Props take a chance to get a few new jumpers, several of mine are more light summery things than anything you’d want to stand up to autumn breezes.

Thought the first one said funeral

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i got this cord blazer from Next


it looks way worse on me that stubbly model face there but it looks ok.


I really like duffel coats. Get a duffel coat

I really hate duffel coats. I’d look like the Michelin man.

Duffel coats aren’t puffy?

I’m sat on a balcony in a t-shirt. It’s 20.C

Give over


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Begone sun heathen

Buy winter clothes before you need winter clothes, obviously

my legs are too short for anything that comes below the bum. my wife told me that.

I have a long body and very short legs. I think I’m actually quite a tall person with short legs.


  • You have enough jumpers, mate
  • Buy more jumpers, mate

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I’m the same. Your wife hasn’t pointed it out to me though.

30" inside leg measurement ffs.

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It doesn’t look waterproof to me. Maybe shower proof at best. Plus a lack of highly specific and possibly never used pockets mean I’d not describe this as a technical jacket.

More of a poseur’s jacquet if anything. I’m sure you’ll look good in it though.

this man knows a technical jacket.


Yeah it’s mainly for something light and warm. And patagonia are (clothes brand wise) a pretty gbol too

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Got a new (old) body warmer.