Autumn/winter 2019 clothes thread

Well. I own it.

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Oversize jumpers and coats are cute on girls but I don’t really think they work on men. When you’re wearing a comfy jumper you’re PRIME for cuddling but all this extra material will get in the way of the good hugs imho.

Good enough for me!

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Look. We go way back and I consider you a friend so I’ll be honest with you. I think I’m long overdue a goth phase, so I’m getting a massive jumper, dyeing my hair black, wearing eye-liner and painting my nails (black).


Tbh if anyone can rock a look, you can😘
Go for it x

I’m probably just gonna get the jumper, but thanks! :slight_smile:

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want a nice jacket, not sure what kind, will know it when i see it

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needs more yellow imo

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I bought a £10 eBay Zara coat but it turned out it’s got a weird diagonal zip

Endorsing closely fitted clothing for men and oversized baggy stuff for women? What a world!

(I love the idea of oversized stuff but never feel right wearing them, so you’re not wrong)

I wear oversize stuff, but as I’m oversize myself, it’s actually close fitting. Nightmare

where’d ya get the patagonia jacket from, angy?

I like a longlinne top as well as there is less chance of it riding up over my belly.

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Well it’s only my opinion and really everyone should just wear what they feel good and comfortable in, of course😊

Sale rail at snow & rock

I’m looking forward to unboxing a bunch of winter stuff from the roof, got given a few bits and bobs that my brother-in-law no longer likes so I’ve got some lightweight boots to complement my proper hefty ones, loads of jumpers. Might have a charity shop scour to see if I can pick up any cords because they’re comfy and warm, but I reckon I’m set for the chillz.

Ahem. Sorry for starting a new thread. Mea culpa.

anyway i got this coat

Tell me more about the jumper you just bought.

got a teddy bear on, and it was an absolute bargain