You don’t even have the mysterious white figure!

Do I still exist?

Yes! Sucks to be you lot!

can’t tell if i’ve been spared or it looks different depending on who is viewing it

Help I’m being brigaded


Am I here?

You seem to have survived the snap

you don’t even have an anonymous blob person


edit: oh nevermind, it just took ages to load. WELCOME TO THE ELITE CLUB

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No I’m @elthamsmateowen

Am i real?


Yup, no need to fix anything then

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Am I back


Not 4 me u isnt

some of you have decided to change your avatars in a secret group :open_mouth:

am i back

was I ever here?

I’m back baby!

  • Back
  • In crisis

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I’m indestructible!

Never gone

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It’s just me now!

I shouldn’t have blown the whistle!