Avenue 5

Just found out that there’s a season 2, which was a nice surprise.

Season one wasn’t unmissable, but I enjoyed it. Iannucci is at his best when writing for a show rather than Twitter, and I have a soft spot for Hugh Laurie who looks a bit like me in this.

Anyone else like it?

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The trailer and the reviews make me unlikely to try to watch it. But obviously I am a big fan of you @ma0sm so maybe I will reconsider.

Thought the trailer looked dreadful but then I’ve never failed to enjoy anything by Armando Ianucci and vegetal a fan of Hugh Laurie too. This thread might be the prompt I need to give it a try.

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That’s flattering but also a lot of pressure! I wouldn’t say it’s his best, certainly not, but I still enjoyed it and it was only 8 episodes.

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Watched some of season 1 but got bored and swerved the rest of it.

Got to the end of season 2, it’s just not good. Such a big cast, so many big hitting actor’s but everyone’s such a shallow, uninteresting and forgettable. So much shouting and “cockwomble” style comments in lieu of anything more interesting.

Won’t be watching season 3 if it gets made. Was only 8 episodes, but was a chore.

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