Average daily meal times


  • Pre-work
  • At work
  • Not on workbook

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Working in the office: 7:15am
Working from home: 8:40am
Weekend: 9:30am
Weekend: oh dear lord what did i post on the internet last night?!: 11:00am

Office: 12:01pm
WFH: 1:40pm
Weekend: really depends on what’s going on. Might just snack at 4pm

Sober: 6:45pm
Few weekday boozes: 8:45pm
Sunday: 7pm
I eat when I eat at other times.

At the moment I have rehearsals for amateur theatre straight after work so I might not get home until 9 or so :clown_face:

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I’ve never been more enraged by this description of my noble land.

We’re pee-pee stained, maybe damp even…but never soaked!

Consider your audience here.

Breakfast: Anytime 10-11:30 in office
Dinner: Usually about 2pm
Tea: 6.30-8.30. Ideally to the earlier end of that window

is for wimps.

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pee lovers?

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breakfast : 7.15-ish (need to leave the house by 7.35 / 7.40)
lunch : just you stop me scoffing my sandwich before the clock hits 12:01
dinner : 7.30 / 8-ish. Basically, we start cooking once the boy is asleep, so eating time depends on how quickly he falls asleep and how long dinner takes to cook.

Same :frowning_face: love an early lunch

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Cool! What’s the show?

If there’s eggs at home then 8am eggs on toast. Else 9:30 or so cereal at work. Lunch at 12:30-1. Tea at 8-8:30

No coincidence that the classiest of all the DiSers doesn’t eat breakfast either.


When I say breakfast on mine, I mean either some cake or some leftover dinner from the night before. Traditional breakfast can get out.


Cheese or beans on toast or a full English is fine. Cereal or toast or whatever every morning, nope.

Careful mate, epimer’s already fired up

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Breakfast 10-11
Lunch 1-3
Tea 6-8

Perfectly acceptable meal for breakfast, lunch or tea.

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My meal times are pretty regulated. I get hungry easily.

7am: Breakfast
12pm: Lunch
2-4pm: Afternoon snack
7pm: Dinner

Take me too far off course and I will be well hangry