Avi Buffalo

Can’t see any threads (or even any press pieces) but despite apparently quitting music in like 2014 he’s doing a UK tour next month


First album was a blast. Not sure I listened to the second one.

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The second album totally passed me by too. Loved the first.

Tempted by that London date at St Pancras as I am a sucker for gigs in churches. Wonder if it’s solo acoustic or full band

I’d hold off buying tickets for this…

It’s a solo show.

Ugh this is grim.

Maybe I’m prudish…but I remember when I saw that one of the songs off his first LP was called “Summer Cum” and I just thought “nah…not for me”. I’m not saying that was an obvious precursor to abuse, and I don’t mean to trivialise the account above, but it doesn’t surprise me, personally

Yeah, actually, now you bring this up (see also: Five Little Sluts :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) there was an element of that. I guess at the time I just put it down to him being about 17 when he made it.

That song title is much worse and better highlights the point

Was there any additional come-back from this?
He/they are touring in Feb - so maybe new material on the horizon?

I mean, Google comes up with the Blackhawk… tweet, the subsequent Reddit thread, and this thread and nothing else since? Would’ve thought with allegations as horrible as those that Stereogum/Pitchfork would’ve jumped on it, at least?


That’s two of my favourite records of the last ten years getting binned then.

What a prick.

Can’t imagine the courage needed to come out about this, let alone the courage to actually stick around in the band and function in such close proximity with him.

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